IAB New Drops BTS

June 23, 2014

New drops are coming to I AM BOLD Apparel this July!

We just finished the shoot last week! New designs are in and of course new models too! You'll get to know these two more when you read about their interviews (to be posted) at the IAB Blog.

This was by far the most "professional" shoot I've done for IAB.  It was planned, fast and fun! Thank you to friends who were very willing to help!

To my on call IAB Family, THANK YOU (and sorry for being demanding at times :P)  Thanks to my officemate, Sammy for helping out with the models and to my kid protege (naks!), AJ for helping out in directing and styling.

Video Teaser will be out soon! In the meantime, go check: http://iamboldapparelph.tk

Photos (c) Rey An Fuentes & AJ Camp

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