October 13, 2014

This year, given the problems my family and myself is going through, I didn't want a grand celebration which is what I usually do.  I just wanted to gather my favorite people and celebrate with them and only them.  :) 
There was no birthday OOTD, there were no photographers or photobooth.  All I had (and needed) was my family and extended family. :D

I had a beer pong tournament for the kids and gave out a cash prize.  Oh boy, everybody was so (overrr) competitive. Haha!

Mandatory picture with the sister.

With my Birthday Mate, Jaime and Homeboy, Kurt :D

My loving assistant and friend. :)

With the few girls in my family <3

It was a very simple celebration, but it was indeed one of the happiest celebrations I've had in years. 

Thank you, Lord.

PS. This is still the best birthday gift ever:

Hi Joseph! Thanks for this. I love you too! *FEELER! HAHA!*

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