SUPER LATE UPDATE: Bench // The Naked Truth

October 06, 2014

Hello Everyone!

Since I married my job lately, it's been a struggle for me to actually take a minute to write an update here.  Anyway, if you read my (second to the) last blog, you'll know that the last event I've been to is the Bench Fashion Show: The Naked Truth.  

I guess I won't be sharing much updates anymore, because almost all the intriguing parts of the show already went viral and were discussed on TV or the radio. 

I'll just share my favorite moments of the show :)

Before the show with Czy & Jeff
Working for an events company, you'll notice all the details around you every time you go to an event.  The stage see up was very simple (you'd expect more), but the lights just did all the magic!

Favorite Part? JOSEPH MARCO of course!
The Cirque de Soleil-ish theme was actually good.  I just didn't think it was something Pinoy's would appreciate.  All the more hate it, specially when the acts became too "sexy" for their liking.
The crowd went wild for the KathNiel team.
Last Walk
So, according to the regular Bench Fashion Show goers, celebrities this year were very few.  A lot of the celebrities couldn't make it because of the reschedule.

Oh well, it was a fun experience. :D Plus, I got to see Joseph Marco. Haha!

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