The Joseph Marco Experience // Post Birthday Fun!

October 13, 2014

I finally got the chance to meet him a day after my birthday,  Ain't that nice? :D

Since he's also a Libran like me, his fans organized a birthday celebration for him and how I got intertwined with it, is through an office mate (Jam) who was a member of the club. Destiny eh? Haha!

Upon arriving at the venue, I was welcomed by Jam and a simple and very nice Joseph Marco

Working in the events and advertising industry for quite some time, I've met a few celebrities, who most of which had star complex or were very hard to approach --- to put it bluntly, they had attitude.  It is with that reason that I have never been a celebrity fan who literally follows them around or whatever people call it.  I went gaga over a few celebrities in the past, but never really made an effort in meeting them or following them around.

As I've mentioned earlier, I knew someone from the club and she gave me the opportunity to meet Joseph (as a birthday gift).  I was hesitant at first because this was not really my thing, but after meeting him and after having a light conversation about us having the same "ugali" because we were both Librans, I realized, maybe not all celebrities are like that. :)

I also got the chance of doing a selfie and photobooth picture with him and friend/co-star, Arjo Atayde.

After having watched Joseph in Honesto, TBYD and at The Naked Truth Fashion Show and then meeting him last Sunday, it was quite hard to believe that he was one and the same person. He was very nice and down to earth, so is his family.  You could just see and feel the love and support his family has for him. His mom, brother and sister's speech was very heartwarming.

During the birthday party, Joseph literally went from one table to another talking to everyone and taking pictures.  I actually felt sorry for him because I could see him rubbing his eyes in between camera flashes.  However, despite all the eye strain he kept smiling, took pictures and even delivered a very simple, but meaningful speech for his fans. TAKE NOTE: He knows his fans really well and by KNOW, he calls most of them on a first name basis!

Well, people might say, Yes, SHOWBIZ! But having dealt with primadonna's and douche celebs and models in the past, I think I can say and attest to the fact that he is different. :) 

I'll probably never be a hardcore fan who follows him around and visit sets or what have you, but after meeting him, I'll definitely be a silent supporter. I'll keep watching him on the screen, supporting events, liking and supporting stuff he posts on social media. Haha! <3

More power & More blessings for you Joseph!

And to these kids who have shown so much passion and effort in supporting him, It was nice meeting all of you! Till next time!

PS. Stop calling me Madame or Ma'am Alex. Haha!


  1. You're so lucky to have met him! Ang gwapo nya hehe :) I definitely remember him from The Naked Truth lol.

    1. I knowwwww. Nakaka-hangover yung face niya. :D

      Love your blog btw. :D


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