Because I now have the time: My 2015 Bucket List

January 03, 2015

The reason why I have the time now, I will not discuss, as that is first on my bucket list:

Not to dwell on negative things, not to right about anything negative and to move on fast.  I've always been a magnet for anything negative or destructive.  I don't know why, but I guess you can blame it on my melodramatic disposition in life.  I may look tough and unmovable on the outside, but I've always had those demons at the back of the head and most of the time, they win.  This 2015, the only voice I will hear will be my Mom's. Cheering for me from the heavens above.

Dance again. I've always loved dancing. It was my only form of exercise and was the only thing that kept my mind off my problems (well, aside from alcohol, but that is not an option for me anymore) I just wish I had a dancing buddy... If not, I'll guess I have to do it on my own. :) Any suggestions for good schools? :)

Go out and explore local beaches. I have always envied people who can just go on a backpacking trip to wherever, get tanned, ride the waves and just enjoy the relaxing sounds of the beach.  I've never had the time and means to do that.   Aside from the fact that I married my job, there are other personal factors that just does not allow me to do it.  This year, I want to do this as often as I can with my family and close friends.

Learn how to PROPERLY put make up on myself and others.  I am a press powder and lip gloss type of girl.  When an occasion calls for full make up, I usually just dab on the neutrals and NEVER play with anything.  I've always wanted to try different shades of eye shadows and lipsticks, but I'm just not sure how and where to start. Haha! I know, I'm a girl and that's just pathetic. :P Any free lessons? :D

Shop for the Basics.  This year, my age already calls for me to dress it and to start going back to the basics.  
In shopping for my clothes, I always end up impulsively buying and just getting whatever catches my eye and with that, I always end up not wearing any of it. 

Money and closet space wasted. 

And that brings me to the last item on my list...

Start SERIOUS Money Saving. I have never done this in my life.  I was always the type of person who falls under the "lives on 15/30" category.  This year, IT HAS GOT TO CHANGE!

I know this is not the usual bucket list.  Usually bucket lists contains, sky diving, cliff diving, driving a race car and such.  I'm not that type and if ever I do consider doing those things in the future... I think it is only appropriate that I start with what I have right now.

What do you think?  Share your bucket list with me too! :)


  1. This is a great bucket list! I don't have a yearly bucket list since what I have is a lifetime list. Haha. But I'm definitely doing the money saving and shopping for basics. Nothing beats the basic pieces!

    Good luck on your bucket list! I know you can do it!


    1. I used to do that lifetime bucket list too... most of the time I just get frustrated because I end a year without doing any of it :( Maybe after this I can go back to that! IF I get to do all these! :)

      Thanks for the visit! <3

  2. Great bucket list! I'm also trying not to dwell too much on negative things.



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