IAM BOLD APPAREL: #IABMondayMotivation

January 19, 2015

You know how we all spend our Monday mornings rummaging through our closet deciding on what to wear to school or work? An ensemble that will kick off the week?
My every morning is actually spent like this, however,  I am a total contradiction.  I own a clothing line, but I am very lazy in dressing up and styling myself.  I'd rather do it on other people.

I love looking at fashion blogs and following fashion icons, not for myself, but for others. I love the thought dressing up and designing for friends, family and literally anyone!

Weird? I know most people follow fashion icons so they could grab tips and tricks on how to dress up well. As for me, I follow these icons to motivate myself in improving my passion for styling and designing for others. :)

This Monday --- for motivational purposes --- I will be featuring my fashion heroes!

First stop, is controversial and world famous model, Cara Delevigne.  Why? A super model in jeans/shorts and tank tops is just wow for me. We are so used to super models in high fashion pieces that normal people (like me) don't get to really appreciate them.  I love Cara Delevigne for being high fashion in the ramp and in front of the camera and simply being her happy go lucky self off the camera.

Second is New York based style icon & fashion blogger, Luanna Perez - Garreaud. Luanna is the writer for Le-Happy.com & I have been following her ever since I started blogging.  I believe she was also a featured stylist in one of CandyMag's Style Guides (I never got a coy though :/)

Of course, I just don't idolize people from the other side of the globe.  I recently came across 3 Filipina Bloggers that I just fell in love with. Their style and character is just a complete package, PLUS, they're all very nice too!

Meet Jennica, Cha & Ida!
jennicasanchez.com // cha-ocampo.com // idanaduyan.com
How about you guys? Care to share who your fashion heroes/inspirations are?

Got a Tumblr Account? Why don't you share 'em here!


We don't get Monday Holidays a lot, that's why I AM BOLD Apparel is making this one a bit more meaningful than usual by starting a mini-contest!

Every Monday, I AM BOLD Apparel will be posting their fashion inspirations, motivations and/or ideas on their Tumblr account.  To make it more interactive, All PH based Tumblr users are invited to participate! See the photo posted for the mechanics! Of course, make sure that you follow I AM BOLD Apparel's Tumblr!

*Credits to the Rightful Owners of the Photos*


  1. I loveeee Cara Delevigne!! Her street style is amazing <3 I can also relate to you because I, too, love to style for my friends and family.


  2. Ohhh Cara Delevigne! I love her the moment I saw her. I know that might sound pretty cray but I seriously do. The reason is completely similar to yours. I love how high fashion she is in front of the lens and how real, casual and bonkers she is off the camera. As for my style heroes that would be fashion bloggers Camille Co, Wendy Nguyen and Tricia Gosingtian. Why? I kinda made a thorough discussion on it 2 years ago in this blog post. Of course Cara's part of my heroes too along with Emma Watson!


    1. OMG! Totally forgot about Emma Watson! Have you seen them in a picture together? They look so perfect! :)


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