The Rampage 2015 Fitting

January 30, 2015

Once again, I AM BOLD Apparel has been invited to sponsor one walk of The Rampage 2015. A few days back, I went to UP to meet the models and for fitting. We had good weather that day. It was a little breezy with the sun peeking out a bit. Quite a nice day to dress up a bit.

And by dressing up a bit, I meant going out of my usual. Not really create a lookbook worthy outfit. :P So, still went for the basics and comfort. Wore my black almost sheer type pullover with gold buttons on the sleeves to match my lion pendant gold necklace

I also threw in my favorite pair of skinny jeans, folded it up a bit to highlight my oxford platform shoes a bit!
At last year's fitting, I also had a photo right in that spot, also eating ice cream!
A classic bag which was a gift from my classy Lola :)
So, I met some of the models for the fitting and this year was by far, the fastest fitting I've had. Models were perky, quick and already  knew what they wanted. I wish them all the best of luck tonight! (Yes, The Rampage 2015 is happening tonight! Details will be posted at the end of this post)

The collection is still a surprise! Show up tonight to see!
After the fitting, we were planning to pig out at Mang Larry's, but the line was longer than a lotto booth so changed our minds and just took photos. What else is there to do? -_-

My homeboys wearing I AM BOLD Apparel!
Mandatory Couple Shot
As usual, the BF dresses up better. Haha!

The Rampage 2015 is happening tonight!

Head to for more details!

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