Prom Season and Dresses from Choies!

March 10, 2015

Let me start this blog post by saying that I never went to prom. Haha! Yes, I didn't.  So, I never realized it was prom season already until my sister went to me asking for advice and all that shiz.

With that, I took the opportunity of going through sites where I could find inspiration for my sister or maybe even find the exact perfect dress for her.  There are a lot of sites, I tell you!  Google just has them all! So, I asked my sister what she wanted for her dress.  

For one, I learned that long dresses (which were very much the thing during my time) are not the only ones considered for prom these days.  It is now a fair battle between long dresses and short dresses. 
While a long prom dress is really traditional, stylish and elegant, my sister says it can also a bit uncomfortable specially with modern themed proms and girls who would just like to dance the night away... and I agree.  Short prom dresses, which were once unheard of are now a thing.  It gives a girl more room from moving and probably a more youthful vibe. So, in this battle, the short dress won AND I found a few that I would love my sister to wear at CHOIES.COM

The Cute and Dainty Princess

I believe this dress will make you look like that swan princess no one ever took notice until prom night.  You know those cliche teeny bopper movies, right? I mean that in a good way! Slow music, entrance and all!
Beige Strapless Rhinestone Dress
Or, I'd also opt for this flower skater dress with heavy embellishments. The cut is very simple which will be very easy to move with, but it still has that touch of dainty elegance because of the lace and bead work.
Embroidery Flower Skater Dress with Pearl Embellishments

The Rock Princess

If I went to prom, this would definitely be my style because black and dark colors has always been my thing. If I was blessed with my sister's slender physique, I'd go with the classic Little Black Dress! And I found 2 dresses I would love to wear from Choies!

Black High Neck Crochet Lace Bodycon Dress
Navy Blue Backless Longsleeve Lace Dress / Black Backless Longsleeve Lace Dress
The sister & I loved the selection, however I still feel a little iffy about it since I am not really into the whole short prom dress fad.  Surprisingly, also had selections that could somewhat be a meet halfway for both styles!

If it were my prom, I'd definitely go for this!

Nude Strapless Layered High Waist Dipped Dress
Black Strapless Bodycon Dress with Deep Hem
Aren't these dresses just lovely? Wish we had this wide array of dresses back then. -_-  

Anyway, I hope these suggestions were helpful! To all girlies who are still finding the perfect prom or graduation dress, I suggest heading to to see their wide selection of dresses!


  1. Wow these dresses are gorgeous!! Great selection! :)

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  2. Great dresses!! <3


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