Vol. 1 // Finding Out and First Trimester

May 15, 2015

As I've shared during my announcement post, I'll be starting my own pregnancy diary.  I've seen a few of these from other mommy bloggers and I was inspired to do one, since this time of my life is probably one of the those that is worth sharing. 

I hope this new Tik Tock... It's Locked series (which will only last for 9 months -_-) become as interesting as the others and worth reading too :)

During the first month of not having my period, panic struck me a bit, but it didn't make me run to the doctor because I was irregular and thought that it was just stress.  At first I wanted to believe that it was just stress, but somehow I knewe my body was changing.  Having told the BF, I thought he would start panicking, but he was just relaxed and kept saying "we'll see".  I took the pregnancy test on the week of the next month where I was expecting my period.  All it took for me to finally realize that it was happening was 1 clear line and 1 blurry line.

I was already on my 9th week when I found out that I was pregnant.  My first ultrasound showed an embryo and bleeding inside.  It was then that I realized that I might have a complicated pregnancy since I am not exactly the healthiest person to bear a child.  Given my medical history, it became a bit scary for me, but I was more scared for my little munchkin.  Good thing that I found a very understanding and caring doctor, Dra. Flor Nucum. 

My first trimester was the hardest.  I've probably experienced all the bad things a woman can experience during her first pregnancy and on her first trimester.  The back pains, heartburn, mood swings, nausea and worst of all is the morning sickness that actually lasts a whole day.  I feel the acids in my stomach acting up the moment I open my eyes.  I already feel tired just after trying to take a bath. I have to take a breather for every 5-6 steps of stairs I climb.  It was so difficult for me that I was advised to take on a 30-day leave from the office.

The first 2 weeks of the leave was mostly about sleep.  I'd rather sleep than experience the whole ordeal of morning sickness.  On the 3rd week, morning sickness became rare, but migraines and extreme back pains became frequent up until the 4th week. 

During the first trimester, the most prominent preggy problems I had were morning sickness & extreme lower back pains.  Since I am a first time mom, advice mostly came from the doctor, mommy friends and the internet.  I found out a few things that could help ease both and I'm going to share them here.

Morning Sickness
  1. Tell you doctor immediately.  Morning sickness is not for every mom.  Some are actually very lucky and didn't experience morning sickness at all.  If you do, tell your doctor and let them know also how severe it is.  I found out from Dra. Nucum that it could be a Vitamin B+ deficiency causing my morning sickness.  Given that, I was prescribed vitamins and Placil (for vomitting) after my first check up.   It didn't help 100%, but I was eased up bit.
  2. Nibblers.  This is something I learned from the internet.  Make sure you have nibblers near your bed, study table, office table or wherever you're staying most of the time. It helps when you nibble on something the moment you open your eyes and before your feet touches the floor.  Keeping your stomach filled can help ease the acids.
  3. Sleep it Off.  If all else fails, SLEEP. 
Back Pains
  1. Walk around.  It doesn't matter whether you're on a bed rest, it wouldn't hurt to walk around a bit. It's still exercise and standing up actually lessens the pain and pressure you  feel on your back.  This is based on experience guys, so please be very cautious also. Especially if you have a complicated pregnancy like I do.  If the doctor says COMPLETE bed rest, no standing and walking, then ignore everything I just said. 
  2. Put a pillow in between your legs when lying down on your side.  This might not be as effective to you as it was to me so just test the waters first.  Make sure the space in between your legs is not that far as this might put more pressure on your bottom leg.
  3. Lie on your back. IF YOU ARE JUST ON YOUR FIRST TRIMESTER.  According to research, we have to lessen lying on our back as soon as we reach our 4th - 5th month because that's too much pressure on your back during those times. 
For first time mom's, I'd also like you to be mindful of what Dra. Nucum told me on my 10th week, No two mothers are alike when it comes to pregnancy.  What worked for me may not work for you, so it's still best to consult your doctor and do your research!

What do you think? Any momma readers out there? I'd love to hear your experiences and advice too!


  1. Oh wow, congratulations!

    And I'm sending you positive thoughts that you and your little one do well.


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