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May 04, 2015

Hello Blogoshpere! Yes! I am finally back with my big announcement.

The Announcement

The reason why I have been out of the loop for more than a month... I'm gonna be a Momma! <3 The heaven's above has decided to bless me and the boyfriend with our very own angel.

This news is indeed a blessing, however, I am not exactly the healthiest person to bear a child.  My medical history and lifestyle makes pregnancy a bit more complicated for me than other moms.  During my first trimester, I realized that morning sickness shouldn't be called that because it actually lasts the whole day! During my first ultrasound, my doctor also told me that I was experiencing bleeding.  All of this for a first time mom and and independent corporate slave is kind of too much to take in all at the same time.  Nevertheless, I am taking it one day at a time with the help of my siblings, my 30-day leave, the BF and of course, my OB, Dra. Flor Nucum, who has been very understanding of my situation.  I am lucky to have landed a doctor that has almost the same pregnancy experience as I do.

As of today, I am 15 weeks and 4 days pregnant.  Still not enough to have the sex determined, but I am ecstatic to find out! Might even start my own Pregnancy Diary here on my blog! What do you think?

Life Lately

To be honest, it wasn't just the pregnancy that's been keeping me out of the world wide web,  I was also running low on creativity.  When I started blogging seriously, I had all these things at the back of my mind that I would like to write about and all of a sudden,  they were just kaput! So, I just decided to go back to the basics of blogging - write what you know or what you've experienced.  What have I been up to lately?

The sister finally graduated from high school!
My sister, Andi - Me - My brothers, Dodge & Kel
I know how important this is for her.  She has sacrificed a lot in terms of schooling because she was our Mom's personal nurse during my Mom's battle with cancer.  Congratulations to my sister! Love her more than she knows! <3

The boyfriend and I let go of the studio type condo we rented back in January and moved into a more homey apartment.  This is also preparation for when the baby comes! :) The new homey apartment is now nearer to the boyfriends's adoptive dog, France.

Most people warned me about being dogs during my pregnancy, but I couldn't help being around this cute little mutt, so I did a little research on this!

I found forums and article on the internet that were really helpful!
Basically, it's not all that bad! Of course, us moms-to-be just need to be very careful. Maybe I'll post more about this when I start my Pregnancy Diary. 

What else? Everything else has been all drama.  My Aunt, who happens to be my legal guardian, isn't all that welcoming about the idea of me being pregnant at this time.  Some people in the family thinks it's bad timing.  I can't say that didn't feel bad, but I don't blame them... I seriously just lost the words to type after this. :/

I promised myself last night not to feel bad anymore for the baby. Sorry about that guys.  Anyway, let me end this post by showing you guys how pregnant I look now. Haha!

Gap Chambray Shirt - BF's Closet
Chiffon Top - F&H
Leggings - Divisoria
Mandals - @n_shoppe
Yup, I cut my hair really short since being pregnant made the heat 2x hotter than it already is.

That's it for now! I am not sure if this post is entertaining enough to make up for the months I've been on hiatus, but I'll be back with more and better stuff! I promise! Ciao! <3


  1. Congratulations! I hope you will have a safe pregnancy and that everything will get better :)

    Sarah |


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