Must Have Maternity Clothes

June 16, 2015

As I've mentioned in my Pregnancy Diary Vol. 2 post, I will be starting this little series called, Lexi Life Hacks.  It'll basically going to be a bunch of tips & advice that I personally learned/experienced to make life a bit more easier. :)

Disclaimer: As I said, there are personal experiences, so if you feel like I shared something that's incorrect or out-dated, please feel free to correct and/or share in the comments below!

During my first trimester, I wore the very same clothes I wore when I wasn't pregnant. This is because not much has changed in my body yet, plus the fact that most of my clothes are over-sized.  I actually thought that I could keep doing that since most of my clothes are already over-sized.  When I was 4 1/2 weeks pregnant, that's when I started noticing that most of my clothes don't fit that well anymore (jeans and some shirts & blouses)

I realized that no matter how over-sized your clothes are, that baby bump is bound to outgrow them.  Today, I have very few over-sized buttondowns that I can wear with justice and I can no longer wear my pants, shorts and a few dresses.

Given that, I finally gave in and had a trip to the mall's maternity section.  That did not solve all my problems at once.  The fitting of clothes was such a drag and shopping (and by that I mean walking!) is not all that fun when you're pregnant (well, for me) I think it was also a challenge for me because I didn't know exactly what to buy.

After numerous trips to the mall and going through several online shops, I eventually learned a few maternity must have pieces.

Here are 10 pieces which I believe should be staples for that 9 month journey!

1. Slip Ons/Flat Shoes

At some point, that baby bump won't allow you to bend and strap on your buckle or tie you shoe laces.  You can't always expect the hubby to be around and do it for you.

Where to buy? I got several colors from Solemate which I believe is available in any SM Department Store AND it's always on a Buy 1 Take 1 promo!

2. Cotton/Cotton-Spandex Tank Tops

Simply because they can go with anything and it comes in different colors.  Most impotantly, they're very comfy!

Where to buy? If you are one of those gifted slim mommas, you can get yours online at instagram shops like @allabouttanktops.  As for me, I want those plain v-neck cotton shirts from Folded&Hung.

3. Tunic Tops

If you're a working mom, this is definitely a must have! You can pair it with maternity pants or leggings and voila! you're ready for work!

Where to buy? I personally got mine from different thrift stores from way back.  As I said, I am a fan of over-sized pieces, specially those with more room at the bottom part since I have large hips.  I also saw a few pieces from SM Woman.

4. Leggings

They're comfy, they're stretchy, they come in different colors & prints and most importantly you can still keep them after the pregnancy!

Where to buy? You can buy them anywhere! Mall department stores, bazaars and my favorite, Divisoria!

5. Yoga/Jazz Pants

Yoga/Jazz pants are made to make you feel really comfy or as if wearing nothing during workout.  It does the same during your pregnancy. I can shop, do grovery and errands with them without feeling uncomfortable.

Where to buy? Any SM Department Store has them. I personally love the brand, Sassa.

6. Maxi Dresses

Look at those ladies! Looking glamorous with their baby bumps and maxi dresses! Do I even have to explain this? 

Where to buy? They're everywhere! Malls, Bazaar and different online shops.  Bold Apparel might be releasing some this year. Haha! Totally plugging my shop. :P
7. Drape Cardigan

This type of cardigan either perfectly covers your baby bump or it just drapes in the right places!

Where to buy? I found some in Bench and you can also try checking out @houseofkimonos on instagram.

8. Maternity Jeans

I don't think we can last not wearing jeans for 9 whole months.  Thank heavens maternity jeans were invented!

Where to buy? Again, SM Department Store maternity section has whole bunch of them in different brands. 

If you are a non-working mom, then you might just have the time to make your own! I found a DIY maternity jeans tutorials here and here.

9. Over-sized Shirts/Buttondowns

One my favorites! This will be one of my closet staples, pregnant or not! It'll always be comfortable.  You don't like it too over-sized? Grab a slim belt and wrap it just below you bust!

Where to buy? Lots of great finds in Ukay-ukay's or if you don't have the time, the best place to look is your hubby's/boyfriend's closet!

10. Hoodies/Crewnecks

Grocery shopping or last minute errands? Throw yourself in some jazz pants plus a hoodie!  Especially now that it's starting to rain, these will come in handy!

Where to buy? Loads of them in malls! Loads are also seen online! We also have some in Bold Apparel!

Details of first photo from Polyvore:

Must Have: Maternity Clothes

Did I miss anything? Share them with me!


  1. So many chic choices!! Some people think that when you're pregnant, you have to sacrifice style for comfort but it's not true. Kristin Cavallari is the perfect example! She was so fashionable yet comfortable when she was pregnant <3

  2. It's nice to know that you are soon to be mom.
    I hope everything will be just fine.
    Flats is a must to preggy as it avoid falling.

    Check my new post.
    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin

  3. Most people think that when you get pregnant, you'll get a whole closet full of JUST maternity clothes. Nice picks, I must say! :)

    Jhanz |

  4. I wish I knew about these back then! I was very unfashionable during my pregnancy months back then. HAHA. I only had a few maternity clothes and some of them I even wore over and over again especially during prenatal checkups! Great choices and tips for those who are pregnant by the way! Great help for future mommies :)

    1. That's very nice to hear coming from you, Janine! :D I'm sure you were able to take back all those unfashionable days today. :)


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