Vol. 2 // Second Trimester

June 10, 2015

Finally over with the dreadful first trimester and soon nearing the end of my second. 

18th - 20th Week

During my 18th-20th week, the morning sickness was gone, BUT my migraine and back pains have just leveled up faster than my (Kim) Kardash Game.  :(

I am also back to work, but still under very close observation of my health and surroundings.  It's been a big adjustment after the 1 month leave since the physical work of having to prepare everyday has become a great challenge.

I haven't had a printed ultrasound again, but I've been seeing my little munchkin regularly because my doctor has her own portable ultrasound machine.  According to the doctor, my baby is now as big as a mango fruit.  No gender yet at this point, just saw the head forming perfectly!

During the check up, doctor said the baby is like this now.
Still on vitamins, lesser on the other type of meds. Doc said I can’t keep drinking those because it might have an effect on the baby.  So, I am just going to have to rest well and lessen the stress... a lot.  However, I was still under stress the past few weeks.  A few emotionally stressful factors caused stomach cramps and eventually slight fever. :(

In my 20 weeks of being pregnant, I've learned that nothing beats bed rest and a stress free environment. 

Despite all the stress, people have been saying that I actually look better. 

I guess they're saying that now because my pimple breakouts are gone. Just want to share ----- The breakouts stopped when I started using Beauty Finds Pore Tightening Soap in the morning & Dove Fresh Facial Wash at night.

After work
Today, I am exactly 20 weeks and 5 days pregnant. A lot of people are saying that I only look "busog" and not pregnant.  

Elders said that I might be one of those who doesn’t have their tummies blow up super big.  Some said that I should wait and see till I'm on my 7th month.

I personally wish that it doesn't blow up really big because with whatever small tummy I have now has already been giving me back aches for a life time.  Sometimes it actually feels like my pelvis was cut in half.

Well, I'll be posting a few things I've learned during the first five months of my pregnancy.  The must haves, needs, etc. which will all be filed under a new blog series "Lexi Life Hacks".  These will all be according to experience, so again don't always take my word for it. You can always do your own research, and you could even correct me if I ever say anything that is incorrect or outdated.

That's all for now. Hope ya'll can help me pray for my baby's good health.


PS. Sorry for the low resolution photos. My camera's busted at the moment and my (cheap) phone camera is all I have. I still do not have the heart (& budget) to buy a better phone after my Iphone 6 got stolen :(


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    1. Wish I was as blooming as you are! Thank you, Nicole! :)

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful journey with us! :)



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