My Nursery Wishlist

July 13, 2015

There used to be 4 girls in our team and 3 of us got pregnant almost at the same time, I was somewhat the last.  When my 2 other team mates were in the 2nd & 3rd trimesters and I was on my 1st, I would always see them going through Pinterest looking at different baby related stuff.

So when I was the one in my 2nd trimester, I also began spending hours in Pinterest looking at DIY Baby Stuff, Baby Fashion (shared my favorite boards here), Baby Shower/Party Ideas, Mommy/Preggy Fashion, etc. 

Nowadays, I've been addicted to looking at Nursery Room Ideas! Specially now that I'm scheduled for an ultrasound to find out my munchkin's gender on the 18th! So, here I am sharing with you my Pinterest Favorites/Nursery Wishlist!

Ren & I have totally contradicting tastes, but when it comes to our baby, we have agreed on one theme which we both love --- Nautical! Go and see the rest of the uber cute stuff I have on my board & don't forget to follow me on Pinterest!


  1. Pinterest is definitely the best place to check out for inspirations and ideas! Wish I knew about it when I was still pregnant two years ago! Haha

    Anyway congratulations on your baby! :)

    xo, Janine


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