Friday's 10 Happy Things // 1

July 18, 2015

I did forget to publish this... on a Friday :( I am soooo sorry. My laptop's been acting up lately.  Sometimes it's just one whole white screen and I have yet to wait for the budget to get it fixed. :(

I have finally decided to join this link up from Helga of!
This is were we post the 10 things that made us smile this week!

Here goes Volume 1:
  1. Our stocks for Brands For Less are here! Remember when I shared in some of my Sunday Currently posts that I am feeling excited for a small business venture that Ren, Me and my cousin, Jaycee recently ventured in? This is it and the family elders actually wanted us to make it legit. --- Also a shameless plug, so please visit the page and check out the first batch of uploads!
  2. The big bosses in the office finally gave in and gave our team a chance to do this project we won that they don't like. Yes!
  3. Ren and I did the market shopping ALONE for the first time. We are trying to be a domesticated and budget conscious couple. After buying loads of fresh meat and veggies, he said "kinikilig ako" Haha!
    On our way to the market!
  4. I am finally back to being an Apple user! YASSSSSSS! I got my 2nd Iphone 6 unit this week from Globe.  As I may have mentioned before, my first one, which was 2 weeks old, got stolen :( Which leaves me with it's accessories ---- which I am now selling. If anyone out there needs an original Apple Lightning Cable ang Earphones, both never been used, hit me up!
  5. Heard some good news about a loan I am trying to apply for.
  6. Finally got my mobile banking accounts working.
  7. Ren finally realized that he needed his own small notebook and a pen to take down random important things. --- I always told him not to rely on putting everything in his cellphone. He finally gave in!
  8. This picture of France:
  9. A photo posted by Judi Alexis Carpio (@lexidoodledoo) on
  10. The Gathergram final dates are in! It's going to be on August 15-16! Bold Apparel & Brands for Less is going to be there!
  11. The long weekend!
How about you? What made you smile this week?

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