Wishlist for Avery

August 31, 2015

With (more or less) 52 days to go before my due date and 2 weeks before the Baby Shower, Ren and I have been excitedly creating a wishlist for our little munchkin!

I've created this board on Pinterest for the future Ninongs & Ninangs and also because I really didn't have the time and luxury to register in any mall registry.

If you'll notice, there's not much pink stuff in there.  Ren and I both agreed that we do not like pink to be a dominant color in our baby's things.  

We have different tastes in colors, but agreed on having mostly nautical themed and colors! Plus they're really cute!

We'd love to dress up Avery in those cute little girl sailor outfits until she's this big!

And well, up until the day she decides on her own fashion. :)


  1. I am a mom to a 2-year-old and I can definitely feel you in this post! I did not have a baby shower though because people from my place are not accustomed to it but my mom gave me a balik bayan box full of baby clothes! It was her way of throwing me a shower only she gave me all the gifts :))

    Anyway, that sailor dress is really cute! God bless and good luck on your delivery! If you want to hear labor stories to inspire you (hahaha! It's not too scary, really. but it was scary) you can message me if you want. followed your blog as well to see your progress!

    Sorry I wrote a long note. Have a nice day!
    Curious Little Kat

    1. I think the balikbayan box is so much better! I mean Mom knows best, right? I'm sure you got almost everything that you needed!

      Followed your blog too!

      I love long comments! Thank you!


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