My Belkin Wishlist

November 02, 2015

In this day and age, I think you all would agree with me when I say that we can no longer live without our gadgets and most importantly the internet. It has become a part of us. So much a part of us that when we accidentally leave our cellphone at home, it's as if you left the house without your underwear (well, I feel that way :P

Given that everything we do these days revolve around our gadgets and the internet, it is very important that we also have the necessary accessories like cables and chargers to keep our gadgets ON throughout a whole day of work.  I am pretty sure all of you feel the same way and with the holidays coming up you probably already have 1 or 2 gadget related item on your Holiday Wishlist. 

And so, I am sharing you with my own ---- My Belkin Wishlist courtesy of Lazada!

See my actual wishlist here.

A. Belkin Single 2.4A USB Car Charger (Gold)
I like this of course for the obvious reason that it's going to charge your phone while in transit, but I love this all the more because it is gold (same as my phone) and it charges 40% faster! Imagine if your phone battery is on red and it's just a 10-minute drive to where you're going.  Since it charges faster, you can get enough juice needed to keep your phone on before you get the chance to plug it in again.

B. Belkin Mixit 4000mAh Power Pack (Black)
After the 10-minute drive to my destination, I realize that I needed more juice to survive because I have so much more to do on my phone.  This power bank would come so much in handy!  I wouldn't have to wait to get back to the car or find an electrical outlet just to keep my phone battery alive.

C. Belkin 1.2 Meter Lightning Sync/Charge Braided Cable (Gold)
It wouldn't hurt to have a specific cable placed in your car.  Given that I am very makakalimutin, having this in my life would be awesome! And a gold cable goes perfectly well with the gold USB car charger! 

D. Belkin Mixit 4 Feet 90 Degrees Lightning to USB Cable (Black)
After several busted lightning cables, I realized that one of the reasons why it wears out faster is when you use it outdoors and move around a lot (when I'm on field/events and my phone is plugged to a power bank inside my bag or pocket  This 90 degrees lightning cable would come so much in handy in outdoor situations.  Imagine not having to worry about moving a lot while you make calls and your phone is plugged to a power bank in your bag or pocket.  Plus, this matches the black Belkin Power Pack!

E. Belkin Micro USB Cable with Lightning Connector Adapter (Black)  
I am both Apple and Android user. Having this would save me so much from the hassle of having to pack different cables just to charge my phones when I'm outside.  Saves me space and having to dig up inside my back when I need a particular cable.

What do you think about my list?

Want to see more of Belkin's gadget needs? Check out their Lazada Product Page and maybe make you own wishlist!


  1. these look like really cool tech accessories!

  2. Great wishlist! <3 I need a car charger actually lol.


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