Photo Diary: Throwback to When...

November 19, 2015

Before the Corporate Slave Alex, there was the Stage Manager (SM) Alex.

Not a stage play SM, but a Fashion Show SM. Haha! Who would've though that someone like me who doesn't dress up that much works in fashion shows?

It wasn't something I looked for, it just so happened that a good friend of mine was a budding fashion director at that time. 

So, I/We started with small fashion shows in malls... Multiply had all the pictures and I was only able to retrieve two:
Style Magazine After Party
Style Magazine Presscon at Cuisine --- CLASSIC.
Then on to larger events/clients like Shop TV's Joyce Jimenez Lingerie Collection and our biggest event, Fashion Forecast 2008:
Bianca Valerio --- Probably the sweetest & nicest model I've met!
Jo An Dorotheo
Before she was a Bb. Pilipinas candidate, Hannah Sison

Ornusa Cadness
Mia Ayesa
Mira Baino & Mich Dulce

Sanya Smith (Left)
Not posting a photo of me during the Fashion Forecast because I look like Dora the Explorer during that time! Haha!

Oh well, I wish I could do another show in the future!

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