Life Lately // Dec 2015

December 09, 2015

Before giving birth, I told myself  "I'm sure I'd still have time to do everything I want, or at least those that I need to do even when the baby comes"

After giving birth, going back to work and missing out on so many scheduled posts, I realized.. Hindi siya madali! Sometimes I even forget I have a blog or I have something scheduled! :( That being said, I think it is only proper that I post a "life lately" post every now and then to recap what has transpired and remind myself that "hey! pwedeng magka-me time paminsan-minsan" :P

Anyway, the past few days has been about catching up with work & my daughter, Avery. 

We have 3 pitches to prepare for and since I was on a medical leave for 5 months, I needed proper motivation to get my creative prowess up and running again. After the long leave, going back to work made me feel like an old creaking door that needed oiling.  

3PM at work and we still haven't come up with anything concrete! Haha!

Avery, on the other hand, has been growing so fast! I just realized that the saying "parang hinipan yan sa sobrang bilis lumaki" was actually true! From 3.3 kgs, she's 4.5 today!

She moves a lot  now and just loves to do air kicks & punches.  I am just so thankful that my little girl is not a cry baby.  Most of the time, she sleeps on her own and wakes up smiling.  She usually just cries, or more like whine, when she's hungry or she needs a nappy change.  The past few days, my free time is spent with her, hence I can't do much of personal blogging like I did before.  Not complaining though! I enjoy every minute I spend with her!

PS. So happy how France always acts like Avery's bodyguard! Cute! Hehe!

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