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December 08, 2015

The fashion industry is all about looking for the freshest face, to convey an exciting new brand aesthetic or to reflect the core mood and feeling of a brand. This season, we’ve seen a host of new models take to the runways to represent some of the world’s best known and best loved brands. But who exactly are these young women who have rocketed to huge success in the past few months. 
Here are some of the models and their signature looks that have captured the hearts and imaginations of some of fashion’s key power players.

Karly Loyce

Breaking the mould and helping to open the fashion industry’s eyes to diverse forms of beauty (that devolve from the classic white, thin and young formula) was Karly Loyce. She wears her hair in a natural afro style, embracing her natural black beauty instead of taming her hair into silky locks. This look immediately caught the eye of haute French fashion house Céline who featured her in the A/W 2015 runway show and in the advertising campaign. She then starred on i-D magazine’s 35th anniversary issue cover to celebrate her ascendance as one of fashion’s cool girls. Karly has continued to walk for Céline as well as booking shows at Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabbana amongst others. What is amazing about Karly is that at the same time as modelling she has completed a degree in Biology; ensuring that she completes her education as she travels around the world for work.

Molly Bair

If Cara Delevingne’s retirement from modelling left a gap for a fiendishly alternative beauty look, then Molly Bair stepped into it with great aplomb. At 17 years old, she is 6 ft 1 with piercing blue eyes and rounded cheeks. What is fascinating about Molly’s look is that she has a propensity to scowl: she has no need to smile and look pretty, she warns you not to underestimate her. Her walk is similarly unconventional, becoming more of a hefty stomp than a glide down the runway. All of this is what makes her an interesting and stand out model: she has walked in more shows than she can remember, including for Chanel, Prada, Proenza Schouler, Gucci and Alexander Wang, and will continue to rise to prominence. There is something ethereal that complements her edge and with her long limbs and inimitable stare, she’s going to continue to grace magazines and runways across the world.

Ruth Bell

Buzzcuts can be an extremely look to pull off, but it’s something that British model Ruth Bell has adapted to seamlessly. This may be due in part to her soft features: her almond shaped eyes, pale complexion and rosy cheeks. She is perfectly androgynous, which has been a huge attraction for leading design houses. Gender is increasingly accepted as a fluid concept which exists along a spectrum, and this idea has trickled into fashion with the castings of models like Ruth. She has been a firm presence at the romantic runways of Alexander McQueen, Prada and Lanvin (shop similar styles at and the edgier, haute-street savvy fashion houses of Saint Laurent, Lanvin and Kenzo. As a result of its fluidity, her look is charmingly versatile, offering something slightly different to the models with more conventional beauty looks.  

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