Baby Shower (Basic&Necessary) GIft Ideas

February 23, 2016

After attending several baby showers, I must admit that I wasn't always sure if I was giving something right to the expectant parents.  And by "right", I mean useful and necessary.  I only found out which ones were actually "right" when I had a baby of my own.

Having so many baby products in the market, you always ask yourself "do babies really need this?" and not to mention the prices! Baby stuff are almost always more expensive than adult stuff.  If you can't decide on what to give, you just end up buying what's cute, but not necessarily sure if it's a good one.

Here'a a list of the gift ideas which I think are down right necessary to all expectant mothers and newborns.

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  1. Flannel Blankets. In my experience, my daughters flannel blankets were very well used.  This is something that is very essential for newborns since they always need to be cuddled in and just warm until they adapt to the atmosphere of the outside world.
  2. Co-sleeper. I once heard from the boyfriend's Aunt that they had a neighbor with a newborn that co-sleeps with the parents.  Unfortunately, one of the parents rolled over the baby which resulted to a fracture.  Accidents like this can happen when we're asleep.  Hence, the co-sleeper.
  3. Newborn - 3 mos. Tiesides and/or Onesies with Pajama Sets.  There are a lot of fashionable items for babies these days, but trust me, save it for when she's 4-5 mos. or older.  From the moment a baby is born up until 3-4 months, it is safer to stick to the tiesides and onesies.They're easier to put on and remove, given that babies have soft spots on the heads.
  4. Mittens, Booties & Bonnets. Along with the tiesides and onesies, these are necessities for the babies as undergarments are necessities to adults.
  5. Bathbed. A big help specially for first time moms (like me!) I was so nervous during the first time I gave Avery a bath.  The bath bed my Ninang gave me was a BIG help!
  6. Recommended Carriers or Stroller.  The first few weeks of motherhood, Mom's not gonna want to be away from the baby. The first few weeks of being out in the world, Baby's gonna want to be always near mommy.  A recommended carrier or stroller is going to make it easier for Mommy to be close to the baby all the time (and vice versa) plus still get to do some things done! (After giving birth, I had to extend my leave and ended up working from home for 2 more months.  Most times, I'd snuggle my Avery in my SaYa Baby Carrier while I was working on my laptop)
  7. Diapers & Wet Wipes.  These 2 items are so simple, BUT you cannot imagine how helpful they are.  My diaper & wet wipes supplies for about a month or two were actually gifts from my baby shower.  Helped a lot since a newborn is actually a bit overwhelming that we almost did not have anymore time to go out and shop for some supplies.
This is a short list because I really wanted to just focus on the very few things that babies actually use in the first few months of their life.  If you think I missed out on anything, feel free to share them with me!

I hope this list helps! :)

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