My Playlist 8 | Rock-A-Bye-Avery

February 25, 2016

So, I was recently permitted to work from home again because the office understands that I need to majorly prioritize motherhood at the moment.  Given that my office is very... let's say understanding with situations like this, I was once again blessed to be both (Full Time) Mother & (Part Time) Corporate Slave :P

In the office, my teammate, Jepoy (he's an artist btw, do check out his page!) would always open Spotify and ask me "Alex, ano mood mo ngayon?" Music is a very important element inside our little own world (AKA Creatives Team Room)
Now that I work from home, I can't always play the music I like because I work near Avery and I've recently discovered that she hates LOUD and NOISY-ISH music. That means I can't play my normal playlist when she's around and we've kind of overplayed her first playlist already :( 
So, I created a playlist that will be both fun to listen to for the both of us!
Whenever I put on this playlist for Avery, I sing to it and she just smiles and giggles every time!
Thank the heavens above for Rockabye Renditions <3 <3 <3

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