Romblon | Day 3&4

March 30, 2016

The remaining days we had in Romblon were spent in other beaches and Villa Madrid.

Avery also got to swim for the first time during our 3rd & 4th day! And she was surprisingly quiet and behave in the water.  I think she even felt sleepy!

Ren and I enjoying the wonderful landscaping at Villa Madrid

Apparently, in Romblon, the farther you are from the Odiongan Port, the whiter and finer the sand is. This is a private, undeveloped, virgin beach in the outskirts of Sta, Fe, Romblon.  According to our host, it's just a 30-40 minute boat ride to Boracay.

Our host had their own beach house, but unfortunately it wasn't functional because Typhoon Habagat destroyed everything and have not found the time to repair it.

This is the view on our way to the third and last beach we went to.  By this time, my phone memory was already full and so everything went to snapchat (shamelessly plugging my snapchat: utramegalex), which of course, is no longer there. Hehe! 

The last beach we went to was the Aglicay Beach Resort.  This is a well developed resort somewhere in Tablas, Romblon (site details below this post)

And here are photos of my little angel so behave and brave while swimming!

This once in a blue moon family trip probably won't happen again anytime soon.  That is all the more reason why I enjoyed this trip so much.  Not only is it our first with my little angel, Avery. It's also a first for my whole family. :)

Transportation Booking: 2GO Travel
Beach Resorts:


  1. I'd love to visit Romblon with my boys! Is it pricey?

    1. Go! The place is really kid friendly! Compared to other vacay spots like Bora, Galera or Cebu I wouldn't say it's pricey. 2GO tickets range from 500-1,500 per person. The resorts din are relatively cheap than the usual, specially those spots na virgin islands pa :D You can also go to bora pala for Php50-100 I think, from Romblon :)


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