Wearing & Working with Bubba Tai

March 04, 2016

Today, I have decided to share more about my motherhood experiences (NAKS!)  Meaning, from this day forward, there are going to be more entries for my Momma Diaries (I mean, motherhood IS my life now) I will start sharing about mommy-baby related products, services and the like.

I know I ain't the (well-experienced) parent blogger, but I am a work in progress.  Day by day, (specially now that I'm a work from home mom) I am learning a lot of new things about being a parent and I will be sharing (and locking) them here!

So, the sharing begins with my new favorite baby wearing product, the Bubba Tai!

Let me just say that I was so ecstatic to get myself one when I found out about the Bubba Tai.  The Bubba Tai is Lelliebub's take on a Mei Tai and so much more. I was even more excited to have it when I read the humble beginnings of Lelliebubb and most importantly, with the fact the it is locally made! As we say, tangkilikin and sariling atin!

After days of stalking Lelliebubb's facebook page, I finally saw a status update that said there will be new stocks by 5PM on that same day.  I set my phone on alarm at 4:57PM (Seriously!) to make sure that before the new stocks were published, I'd already be on their page.  I hit the refresh button about 5-7 times until the new stocks appeared and I placed my order as fast I could.  Believe me, the Bubba Tai gets sold faster than hotcakes. True enough, I tried refreshing the page after 30-40mins and all stocks were gone!

What's so special about the Bubba Tai?  (I don't know if what I'm going to share is the same for all other carriers as I just experience using this and a SaYa Carrier.) 

The Bubba Tai just does A LOT for me.  First, its features are very useful and comfortable.  It distributes the weight of my baby evenly that I don't feel any strain after a few hours of wearing.  The padded straps lands just right where it should.  The waist strap and long shoulder straps are so adjustable that Ren and I (with very different body structures) could actually share one carrier.  In a Mei Tai, you would have to grab the shoulder straps from behind your back while carrying your baby,  and that's a bit of a struggle.  Mommy Cher of Lellibubb designed the Bubba Tai with belt holes where you place the long strap before you carry your baby into the carrier.  No more grabbing the straps blindly behind your back.

I could go on and on with all the benefits of a Bubba Tai, but I won't, because you could read all that here.  I would however, tell you that I fully recommend this carrier.  A lot of other carriers are just as great or maybe even greater than the Bubba Tai, but really expensive.  What I love most about the Bubba Tai, or Lelliebubb in general is that it creates (very affordable) products that help moms and babies in creating wonderful and sweet memories together.

Now that I work from home and is without house help, it's kind of hard to do both emailing clients and comforting my daughter.  Babywearing with the Bubba Tai has helped A LOT in this area.

Also, I got these very innovative Bubba Bibs from them!

"Look Mom! I'm holding my bottle!" :P
What more could I ask for?

Thank heavens for Lelliebubb! I hope that they would continue in creating products that'll help in creating a wonderful parenting experience.

PS. I'm wearing Avery as I am typing this :D
This is NOT a sponsored post. All words and opinions are my own.

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  1. awww so precious!! love these photos!


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