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July 24, 2016

The Sunday Currently Vol. 3 | Series | Tick Tock It's Locked

So, as I have said in my previous post I finally have the time to (gradually) go back to blogging.  A lot has happened, but as they say, life goes on...

Since I'm back now, I'll start reviving my blog series again.  Starting with this!

Starting to read some Dramione fanfic again, thanks to a friend who reminded me about it. Hehe! I know, how lame? But I don't care.  I've been a Potterhead ever since I read the first book back in 2002.  Now that the movie & book series is over, for Potterheads like me, it just doesn't stop.  Plus, I just love the idea of an alternate universe where Malfoy & Granger are together.


A review for a new local beauty product line, Mary Faith Beauty. Watch out for that! Their products smell glorious!


Light It Up (feat. Nyla & Fuse ODG) - Remix on Spotify

How and where I should start sorting out and doing things I neglected for the past few weeks.  Also, my mind is pretty occupied planning for Avery's 1st birthday which will have a flamingos and pineapples theme (hence, my blog cover photo hihi)


Milk Milk Milk

WishingToday would be long enough for me to finish both work and blog backlogs

Avery just got out of the hospital, so I'm really hoping for her full recovery. 
This baby girl won't stay on her hospital bed so we had to bring her stroller in.

A worn out shirt and board shorts. 


The new designs we're working on for Bold Apparel and I really wish we can release it this coming week!


A good and long sleep (which is really impossible at the moment -_-)


Some me time. As in manicure, pedicure, sugaring, threading and massage.


A little under the weather.  I feel very light headed right now and I know that's not a good sign.  So, after this, I'm going to have to hit the sac again to get some rest.


Nothing, really.

So, that's about it for me today. Thank you very much for the site hits despite me being very inactive for the past 2 months.  I promise to be more visible in the coming days.  



  1. I for one loved Harry and Hermione together but after the 3rd book and movie, Malfoy and Granger did look pretty interesting too! Hihi. | Bloglovin' | Instagram

    1. They do! You should try reading fanfic about them! Feels real! Haha!


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