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November 13, 2016


I just bought the whole Pottermore edition of all the Harry Potter Books plus special edition books (Pottermore Presents, Fantastic Beasts, etc.) So, yeah... I'm reading and re-reading them. Bits and pieces from each book, but really focusing on Fantastic Beasts (preparing for the movie release hihi)


My comments and recommendations for this company where I'm doing freelance HR consultancy services at the moment.  My head hurts and my progress is slower than I expected, I swear. I haven't been working in the HR industry for more than 3 years. Kalawang na lola mo. 

PS. Tomorrow is my deadline for all my progress reports. -_-


Barking dogs all over the village -_- and Avery reacting to funny scenes in Toy Story


My sisters shampoo. Too strong it hurts my nose.


I could finish the last phase of the consultancy work I'm doing. I need cash. Hoho.  Also wishing this headache would leave me right now. 


For a better week ahead.  Last week has been very toxic and tiring for me and Ren.  I just hope we have more time to laugh and talk this week. Adulting and Parenting is so hard, rewarding, but hard.

Thinking about a few things actually: (1) Like how I saw someone I know showing interest in one my friends when she's actually dating another friend already. Labo sister! (2) Thinking of new designs for Mainline Clothing's 2017 release (3) Most importantly, I'm thinking: "How long does my Jollibee delivery take to get here? I'm PG already!

A worn out shirt and yelllow Beavis and Butthead boxers.


These new pictures I took with Irie.  Irie's the son of my bestfriend, Ferrai.  Irie never takes a picture with me because I have this love-hate relationship with him (and his Ate) Hihi! I always (intentionally) make them cry for fun and then make lambing when he's crying already.  Last night though, he didn't cry and he actually played with me! 

To finish a lot of things that has been in my checklist for ages.  I have been so busy with so many things that my backlogs started piling up. It actually pains me to see my checklist. So much things I want to finish!

An eyebrow thread. Need. Badly.

Hungover. I am no longer friends with alcohol. #TitasofManila #LolaMode

Clicking :P

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