Risque Designs: Limited Summer Collection

January 31, 2018

Summer came a little early for Filipino lifestyle brand, Risque Designs.  The brand which is known for Artisan Footwear has launched their limited edition mini summer collection.

Risqué Designs is a Filipino lifestyle brand that brings forth modernity and luxury with its meticulously hand-crafted artisan products. 
From the far-flung communities of Negros Occidental and Paete, Laguna, to the busy show town of Marikina City, Risqué fuses various Filipino materials, craftsmanship and inspirations to create both ready-to-wear and ready-for-runway for footwear pieces.
Risqué envisions a revival of traditional crafts to be competitive with global brands, thus fostering a surge in demand for age-old skills such as loom-weaving, wood-carving and shoe-making.

This summer collection of X Strap Sandals features limited Negros hablon weaves in 3 color ways.

They have very limited pieces on hand! To order, head to their website and order online!


For more updates, you can follow Risque Designs on Instagram or like them on Facebook.

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