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August 05, 2018

Lyrics of all the Pale Waves songs


A blog post which I've had on my drafts for a week now.  Can't seem to find the right words to finish it. Also, a process summary for a pitch due on Tuesday.


On Your Side - Day Wave


Freshly brewed coffee! Joke! Instant black coffee lang siya. Ran out of coffee grounds ~_~


For more money. I need to buy them new shoes and clothes. --- Not being a spoiled little b*tch here. I just did a closet clean up last week and I literally don't have medyo formal/leather shoes anymore. All I have are sneakers and running shoes. All my pants don't fit me the way they used to and I just realized how loud some of my clothes are for my single motherhood life. So... 


That all our pitches will have results next week. I mean, do clients have any idea how painfully hard it is to wait if you won a pitch or not? 

Of ways to make more money. ~_~ I do freelance event work! Hire me!

A navy blue pleated dress and no ligo :P


Hearing Avery's new words! She's been shouting Mama for days! So CUUUTTEE!
A new pair of vans. Veggie Tan Leather Nude. Please.
An eyebrow thread. Again. Check out my other Sunday Currently posts, it's always this! ALWAYS!

Like I need a bath. LOL.

Through google finding the subbed version of Meteor Garden Episode 21 and 22. HAHA! Don't judge!

How 'bout you? How's your weekend?

Cover Photo by Ali Yahya on Unsplash

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