My Last Attempt to go Gray: Lunartides Silver Lining

January 21, 2019

If you have been following my #Hairventure, you probably know how I originally planned to go gray from red --- AND failed. MISERABLY. 

My hair got so toasted from all the color removing I did and it's current state will no longer take in hair color (except for semi permanent dyes that have no chemicals) --- during this time instead of going gray, I opted for blue and violet hues and accepted the fact that I will never get the silver gray that I wanted.

I know Manic Panic (a vegan brand) has Alien Grey, but I was hell bent on trying other brands since I've been using Manic Panic since 2010 and didn't want to be stuck to just one brand and not to mention, it's kind of pricey.  I don't have the heart to spend Php800 (plus shipping fee) on a single color hence, no gray for me.

I went from ash purple - pastel blue - sapphire blue - mermaid green - teal blue - bluish gray - and finally back to ash blonde.  UNTIL --- I discovered LUNAR TIDES. OOOHHHH MYYYY.  It has the same packaging as Manic Panic, but cheaper! ANNNNDDD, they have different shades of gray. You can choose how light and dark you want to go for Php650!

Okay, to answer where I got it ---- from Rainbowhead PH.


Here's a before photo --- the awful and awkward state my hair is in now.  A weird shade of ash blonde.  This is a normal blonde I'm trying to maintain and keep away the brass with my favorite Purple Keratin Toner.

Lunar Tides comes in a 100ml plastic bottle packaging.  My hair now is about an inch or two past my shoulder. and that should be enough to cover everything, but since I want the top layer of my hair to be noticeably gray, here's what I did instead of buying 2 bottles of dye (because you know, queen of tipid haha)

I mixed 3 parts Lunar Tides Silver Lining with my Purple Keratin.  This I used in the bottom layers of my hair.  The remaining Silver Lining dye, I applied on the top layers and tips of my hair.

AND HERE is my gray hair after using Lunar Tides - Silver Lining.

This dye is best applied on clean damp hair.  Since it's not chemical based, it's very easy to spread on your (my dry) hair.   I did use an applicator at first, but towards the end, I just used my fingers and applied it like I was applying conditioner.

I originally planned on having it on my hair for 2 hours, but anime marathon & sleep happened. I left this on my hair overnight! And since there are no hasrsh chemicals --- no (in my case -- additional) hair damage!

UPDATE: Hair Color lasted for about 3 weeks on my hair --- with proper care (which I'll share again next time :P)


Check out other amazing Lunar Tides hair dyes at Rainbowhead PH.

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