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August 04, 2019

Dear Avery,

It's been awhile since I had the time to write to you.  It's probably because we've been spending more time together and you've progressed a lot.  AND also, work has not been smooth sailing the past few weeks.  I'm really sorry.

I remember writing to you so we can track your speech progress and other new things you learned to do, but it's been months since you stopped your OT classes.  You've started going to playschool too!

It's still a struggle to wake you up in the morning, but you are enjoying school so much! You are not like the other kids who starts to throw tantrums at the school door because they don't want parents leaving them.  You, you push me away and say "Bye!" the minute your teachers says "Goodmorning, Avery!" And as soon as I pick you up from school, you always, ALWAYS tell me that you had so much or too much fun!

That's what I've always wanted for you and will always want for you anak, to be happy.  To be happy in everything that you do and to be happy with all the people in your life.

I may not be able to provide you with a conventional family, but do know that Mommy will always work her hardest to make you happy. Remember that. 

One day (and hoping that is in the really really distant future) you will find out how hard it is to be happy or even maintain a decent smile on your face.  I want you to go back to this.  Go back to the simplest things that make you happy.

When life gives you a hard time and it seems like it's going nowhere ---- Stop, breathe and remember that I love you. And as I always say, Laban lang!

I love you, my princess.

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