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March 16, 2020

It's true what they say that when you start doing vlogs, you will barely have the time to write on your blog.  Also, just when you thought that blogging & vlogging are almost the same --- they're not.

I recently went into vlogging because I thought it was easier to share my hair coloring routines and other stuff --- and that's true.  However, I miss the free flowing process of just typing away on your blog vs. editing and re-watching videos over and over until you get the kind of output that you like.  Don't get me wrong though, I do enjoy them both.  Blogging is something that I do for my self and vlogging is too, BUT, I enjoy the fact that I can do it with my friends and my daughter! --- watch out for videos with Avery, because I tell you, she has wayyy more vlogging skills than Mommy. 

Here are 3 new vlogs I have uploaded in the past few 2 weeks.

I originally planned to upload at least 2 videos every week, but who am I kidding? I'm a single mom, I have 2 online shops and a day job (see how's that is a challenge for me?) and speaking of jobs ---

I'M FINALLY BACK IN MY ARENA! I just started working in the advertising industry again and I must say that being out of it for more than 6 months has made me realized how much I love this (toxic) industry! Haha! So, if any of ya'll need an events team, video production house or any below the line services, send your girl a message!

AND NOW, as I am writing this --- the President is having his presscon regarding the "enhanced community quarantine" because of the COVID19 situatuin in our country.  I am not a political person and I am not saying this because I know stuff, but I am saying this because I am a Mom and I want a safe environment for my child --- PLEASE STAY INDOORS.

Let's all be safe. Sanitize our surroundings, wash your hands regularly and use alcohol.  Stuck up on vitamins too!  I hope that we all get through this together PILIPINAS!

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