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August 16, 2016

Mary Faith Beauty | Product Review | Tick Tock It's Locked

Ah, finally! I had the time to finish and publish this review and feature of  Mary Faith Beauty.  This has been sitting in my drafts for weeks! And I actually feel bad for not being able to share it earlier because their products really works wonders, anyhoo, read on to find out what i'm blabbering about...

Mary Faith Beauty is a newly launched local line of basic beauty products that specializes in women's daily beauty regimens.  Their first batch of products includes an all in one beauty soap, a body scrub, toner, facial cream and body lotion.  Yup, that's just the first batch of their products and it just about covers everything already.

They just opened last June and I was lucky enough to be one of the first few to try out their products!  I originally planned to use it for a week so I can post a decent review about it but, it's been more than a month now and I have already consumed almost half of their beauty set and I must say they're amazing and they smell amazing!

Now, not that I'm some beauty expert, but let me share with you a somewhat detailed run down of all their products and what I think...

Faith Soap (All in One Beauty Soap)

The Claim: Faith soap is enriched with Vitamin E for more beautiful healthy skin, Placenta for that youthful glow, Tea Tree Oil for acne treatment and anti bacterial, Rosehip to improve the appearance of pigmentation, Glutathione for that whiter beautiful skin, Arbutin to help restore skin and prevent uneven skin tone.  It also contains other ingredients that will make your skin more, beautiful, smooth, radiant, glowing and whiter in every wash.  It also has a fresh scent that you can't resist. (From Mary Faith's Facebook Shop)

What I Think: When looking for a facial or body soap,  there are always two things that I look for, tea tree oil and rosehip.  Faith Soap has it and so much more.  My face has large (more than obvious) pores and that makes me more prone to acne and such.  I don't have a major acne problem, but when I do have a zit on my face, they make sure they're big and noticed.  I used Faith Soap for both my face and body and it does not disappoint.  It doesn't sting or dry up your skin.  It also speeds up the drying of my pimples since it has tea tree oil.  Also, take the fresh scent they're saying seriously, because it does smell fresh. For a Php99 beauty bar, I must say that this is sulit!

Love Scrub (Diamond Scrub)

The Claim: This scrub will surely make you fall in love every time you wash.  Starting with its fresh scent and the luxurious micro beads that will exfoliate your delicate skin.  It also sparkles like diamond in your face and body.  Making your face and body smoother, whiter and radiant! (From Mary Faith's Facebook Shop)

What I Think: I literally fell in love with this scrub! It may not be obvious, but I am such a fan of bath/body scrubs.  I have tried almost everything from home made body scrubs to expensive ones and I must say that Love Scrub gets to be in my favorites.  Not only does it contain diamond scrubs (as in like those diamond scrubs they use on you when you go to facial clinics) it is also safe for both face and body use.  How great is it to have a scrub that's A-OK for your face AND body?  Also, I have never encountered a face and body scrub that smells as good as this! There's also an instant glow effect after every use.

Mary Me Body Lotion 

The Claim: This lotion main ingredient is ROSEHIP OIL. Known for its healing benefits.  Treatment for scars, stretch marks, skin pigmentation, wrinkles, sun damage and many more. It also has ALPHA ARBUTIN that effectively whitens skin and prevent discoloration making your skin smoother,whiter and radiant. Perfect for everyday use. (From Mary Faith's Facebook Shop)

What I Think: I have relatively dry skin, so ever since I was a kid this is one thing that does not leave my daily body regimen.  Having tried a lot of brands already, I no longer look for specialized ones that claim and offer a lot, I just need one that moisturizes my skin and something that SMELLS GOOD and is not sticky. Mary Me Lotion has all three.  I am not a fan of flowery and citrus scents, which is the most common scent of lotions in the market.  Guys, I kid you not, this lotion smells like Lanvin Eclat D'Arpege.

Hope Toner

The Claim: Mild toner perfect for your delicate skin.  Does not sting on your face but very effective in  hydrating and refreshing your skin, minimize pores, dds layer of protection, moisturize skin, prevent ingrown hairs (From Mary Faith's Facebook Shop)

What I Think: Upon using Mary Faith's Hope Toner, I was really glad that it doesn't sting on my face one bit.  I could just imagine my Mom sayong "ayan mag toner ka!" since she always encouraged me to use one and I never did. I am not a Toner person beecause most toners sting a lot on my face, specially during my zit-face season. It also doesn't have a strong smell and that's a plus for me.  Also helped A LOT in minimizing my humongous pores :P

Forgive the background, it's been awhile since we cleaned our room hehe :P

Miracle Cream

The Claim: this cream is enriched with ingredients that will make your imperfection perfect! just like a miracle! You can use this in common problem areas like inner thighs, elbows, knees and neck. You can also use this as moisturizer before putting on your make up. It also help prevents acne, skin discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles. (From Mary Faith's Facebook Shop)

What I Think: Last but, certainly not the least is my ultimate favorite from their beauty set.  This Miracle Cream lives up to its name.  I don't use facial creams that much because I hate that sticky feeling on my face, but this one has a matte powdery finish that makes your face feeling fresh after application.  PLUS, how great is it that it can be used in all other parts of your body? It also has a thick consistency that makes it very tipid to use!

Ever since I started using this cream (which was about a month ago) I have lessened the use of make ups and concealers as its matte powdery finish goes a long well with your pressed powder.  It helps create the perfect no make up look!

Here's a photo of me (unfiltered/filtered) after using Mary Faith products in about 2 weeks or so.  On my face is just their Miracle Cream and MAC Mineralized Finish Press Powder <3

So, all in all, do I recommend their products? HIGHLY. They all smell really good, it's not pricey and it's suitable for sensitive skin and did I mention the all smell reallyyyyy good? :)

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  1. First of all, the packaging looks great! I've never tried the products but the body scrub sounds interesting. | Bloglovin' | Instagram

    1. The body scrub is glorious! Haha! Might be OA, but promise it smells really good!

  2. It's great they are basic beauty products. I would love to try the Mary Faith Miracle Cream cause it just sounds so cool! <3

    xx   BASH   |   go   say     H E Y   B A S H

    1. I love the cream. It\s actually my favorite (and the scrub) in the set. Wish it was that easy to ship items to Brunei, I'd highly recommend them to send you one! <3

  3. Yes yes yes I am all over products that smell good, the packaging is lovely too. Great post, excited to find out more about this brand. Love the sound of their Miracle cream! Xx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. Yes! It's not every day that I get to encounter skin products that actually smell good (to me) hihi! :>

  4. these look gentle for all skin types! cool!

  5. I adore their product design, sure looks super beautiful (: x

  6. I love the packaging! I need to try that body scrub <3

  7. these look like really good products :)


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