About Me

My name is Judi Alexis Carpio. Most friends call me Judi, but I prefer being called Alex or Lexi. :) 

I'm a 30 something single mom from the east side of the metro.  I work in the events/advertising industry and manage a small all things hair brand, Bighari, on the side.

I don't write that well --- just let me say that, but I started out this online diary thing back in 2004. It was when I realized that it was so much easier to type than to write manually :/ Also, saves up space since I consume about 2-3 diary/notebooks a month.

Most sites I had are no longer to be found on the web (Xanga, Geocities hosted site & Multiply) I was introduced to Tumblr in 2008 and I've had 5 tumblogs since (lexidoodledoo, letsmaketheworldahappyplace, lexitropolis, babytigerrr, ticktockitslocked) 4 of which are no longer existing, 1 which I can no longer open (lexidoodledoo) and 1 which I still use (ticktockitslocked) I tried serious blogging on Tumblr, but somehow I couldn't help myself from re-blogging random stuff, hence, my blogger (this) account --- Tick... Tock... It's Locked.

Tick... Tock... It's Locked is a name that my brother came up with.  He thought of it because he knows that I mostly blog about my personal experiences, thoughts, stuff I do, places I go to, etc.  This blog is basically where I lock (and share) all of it.

I like: bacon, potatoes, rootbeer, beer, pandas, tattoos, grunge 90's era, Super Junior, some forms of art and my daughter, Frances Avery.

I dislike: violence, real-estate problems, police in their uniform, reptiles

Local Street Wear Series: Bold Apparel // Kyro&Style by Kylie Rodriguez
Tattoo Talk with Alex // Tattoed Owl 

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