May Favorites

May 31, 2015

My 2015 started a bit boring in terms of socializing.  It was mostly about home stuff, reading, work and surfing the net.   There wasn't much to share (plus finding out I was pregnant), hence the almost 2-month blog hiatus. 

I first saw this series from Young Blood and thought I should've started this back in January so I'd still have something to share. Oh well, better late than never.

Starting this May, I'll be sharing my monthly favorites. This could be anything and everything under the sun! 

Here we go...

Movie & Music
Well, who wouldn't fall in love, again with the Barden Bellas? Been playing their songs for days now.  Check out my playlist here!

TV Show
I've been enjoying watching Hacking The System on Nat Geo, although what you see doesn't apply much in the Philippines, but it still helps and it's good to know.  I've also been laughing my ass off every weekend with Your Face Sounds Familiar.

Make Up/Skin Care
My pimple breakout has been CRAZY.  Unfortunately, I can't do any of my usual anti-acne regimens because they're not safe for pregnant women.  Luckily, Beauty Finds has this sunblock liquid foundie, Little Miss Sunshine! It's my everyday skin savior! It covers up my breakout plus it has also anti-acne properties which helps lessen my breakouts. 

Been hoarding free fonts for the past 2 weeks! And these are two of my favorites! Helena & Besom.

Been loving free photos (which I mostly use here in my blog) from Pixabay & PicJumbo! And I just found out that there are more sites from where you can grab free hi-res photos, check out Lois Baguio's post on her blog here!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

How about you, share your May favorites with me!


  1. Yes to everything on your list except the TV shows because I don't watch them! Haha. I just re-ordered Little Miss Sunshine. It's the best. <3

    1. I think I started watching those tv shows when I couldn't watch anything decent on hbo or any movie channel anymore. Haha! And yep, LMS is the best!

  2. Great favorites! I can't believe it's already June!


  3. I haven't seen Pitch Perfect 2 yet!! :(

  4. Ahhh! I love Pitch Perfect! I'm into the song Flashlight. Just stumbled on your blog through Helga's account and I love it. Will follow you on Bloglovin

    1. Me too! At first I thought it was weird because really, who would write a song about a flashlight? But when I heard the whole song, I loved it! Even the bf did! Thanks! Following you too!

  5. I love watching Your Face Sounds Familiar too! It's the only local show that I watch haha Cracks me up every single time! :D


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