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January 06, 2014

The first Monday of 2014 didn't work out well as planned. :| I still woke up late and naturally was late again for work. BOOHOO, Alex. :( Anyway, I wouldn't want to blog about being late on the first working day of my 2014, right?

So, during my cab ride to work with the brother, I scanned on my facebook feed to find something sensible to blog about.  Suddenly the taxi driver called my attention and told me to look at his taxi meter. He said "Ma'am nagalaw ko po yung metro bumilis masyado yung patak, bawasan niyo na lang po ah".  I was still a bit sleepy so i just said "OK".  A minute after, I realized how honest and good this driver is.  It was so ironic because last month, I hated a very very rude taxi driver (I even submitted a report about that taxi driver on www.taxikick.com) for refusing to board me and my brother and today, I meet this one in a million type of cab driver. :)

After we dropped off my brother, the driver took a minute to fix his taxi meter.  After 10 minutes or so, he called upon my attention again and showed his meter and the comparison with how it was running really fast earlier. I smiled and said "Sige kuya, ako na po bahala".  I then noticed that medal hanging behind his car seat...

After dropping me off at the office, I paid him a somewhat bigger amount than he was expecting.  He was trying to return it, but I said "Ok lang kuya, konti na lang po ang ganyan ka-honest ngayon" and he said "Naku ma'am maraming salamat po, God Bless po!"

People like Kuya Reno Dalumibay don't get recognized that well like corrupt politicians or pregnant celebrities, but it's people like him that deserve recognition the most.  I am thankful for programs like Wanted Sa Radyo 92.3 News FM Radyo 5 for giving this Gawad Katapatan Award to people like Kuya Reno. :)  I hope that other people like him get recognized as well.  They serve as an inspiration and role model to everyone. :)

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