The Naked Truth: A (temporary) Addiction...

September 20, 2014

If you're actually a friend of mine, you'd know that I have issues with being addicted to something for a period of time and then just forgetting like I was never addicted to it.

Like that time I got addicted to stars and all my clothes and bags had that design.  Or, that time I was addicted to dresses and bought loads of them, though I never really wore them. I even had this addiction for Kim Beom (Boys Over Flowers Character) and all my wallpapers were of him.

I can be addicted to just about anything or anyone. It usually lasts for about a week or a month and during that time, I'd literally go gaga over it --- meaning time and money spent.

This month, my (temporary) addiction is focused on Joseph Marco :) Yes. Him. That dude singing his own rendition of a 1D song, when I actually don't like listening to 1D. Haha! :D Told you it could be ANYTHING or ANYONE. Literally.

It just had to be a topless photo. Haha!

So, when I found out that he was going to be a part of the Bench fashion show "The Naked Truth", I immediately researched how to get a hold of that ticket! I found out that you just had to shop at Bench, reach a certain amount depending on what ticket you wanted and because I wanted to be as close as possible I went for the lower box ticket at Php2,500.  If only they sold VIP tickets, I would've went for that!

And of course, I had to have someone with me and support my kagagahan. I COMPELLED a friend to get one too!

For Php2,500 I got 2 sets of underwear and 2 jeans.  I never shopped at bench so I wouldn't know if their clothes are actually quality and worth their price, but I was quite happy with my purchase, :)

The show was supposedly today, I am so glad they cancelled the last minute because of the weather. Thank you, Bench!

Tomorrow at 5:30PM I shall see my baby! :)

Then he can personally greet me an advance happy birthday! Haha! ~ dreaming ~

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