Friday's 10 Happy Things | 12

April 08, 2016

The blog's been a bit dormant lately because the past few weeks have been really toxic, stressful and just exhausting. A lot of things did not fall into place and affected quite a lot of things.  THIS WEEK however, it seems as if the world is slowly turning again...

It really is true when they say that the bad days are there so we can appreciate the good even more.  That being said, I present to you my 3rd volume (for this year) of Friday's 10 Happy ThingsThis is where we list down the 10 things that made us smile this week so we can start the weekend on an even happier note!

1. Avery started eating soft solid foods! It gives me such joy to see her smile every time she sees me preparing something for her.

2.  Crazy (long) conversation with my bestfriend, Ferrai.  I have forgotten how crazy we were back in the days. Haha!

3. We finally managed to get a house help!

4. This (late) easter bunny!!!

5.  Avery's face when she knows she has something new! So cute. Priceless!
6. An advertising agency sent me an email trying to make me join in, I didn't think my CV looked that good? Infairness! Hehe! Too bad I can't get any full time work at the moment.

7.  I finally convinced my bestfriend to do some (serious) blogging (again) :D I got to fix her blog too! She wanted both our blogs to look the same, hence the change. 

8.  I lost half and inch on my waist! HALF AN INCH! I know that's nothing compared to others, BUT THAT'S HALF AN INCH, YA'LL HEAR ME? Haha! Okay, Alex.. Kalma. :P

9.  New stuff are in for Bold Apparel! And I am too excited to get them up online and...

10. At THE STORE! Yes! Finally, Bold Apparel will be having a stall at the soon to open concept store & cafe at Lilac, Marikina. Stay tuned for updates!

How about you, how was your week?
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