Pregnancy Diary: Seventh Month // 3

August 17, 2015

Well, turns out my 7th month is one of the hardest points in my pregnancy (8th and 9th please be good to me, PLEASE!)

So, after finding out the gender of my little munchkin (if you missed out on that news, you can read it here), everything about my health slowly became a problem. First, I was experiencing not only lower back pains, but back pains in general.  Second, there is no right position for me, everything just seems painful after 5mins. I've been having on and off fever and sometime I get chills at night.

One morning everything got really painful, so I decided to text my doctor and ask if I should get myself rushed to the ER. After a very brief conversation, she did say I should get myself to a hospital ASAP.  Thank God for Dra. Flor Nucum, I believe she already took care most of the stuff at the ER even before I arrived.

Upon my arrival at Salve Regina General Hospital, I found out I was experiencing pre-term labor pains.  I was immediately hooked to an IV with Duvadilan to help ease the pain.  When my doctor did the ultrasound, my little Avery was already positioned and ready to come out! It was really a good thing that I was rushed to the hospital early.

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I stayed in the hospital for 2 days. It was dreadful and frustrating because I wasn't even allowed to get up to go to the comfort room.   Everything had to be done in bed :(

After 2 days, I was home with a lot of medication and instructions from the doctor.  I was to have a complete bed rest for 15 days. I can no longer do the usual stuff I do daily.  I am not to go out of the house, or bed for that matter. :(

It has been more than a week since I got discharged and I am bored. :( I have been doing and re-doing my MUST HAVE LIST for my delivery since it's pretty much the only thing I can do (Any advice from mom's out there?) and I've just been talking to my little Avery and France.

It's been a dreadful and painful month, but I know this will all be worth. Hang on tight, little Avery! Just two more months to go! <3


  1. Wishing you and your little munchkin health and well being! :)

  2. Aww God bless your pregnancy! We were suppose to name our youngest Avery, but changed it to Asher last minute hehe :)

  3. Hi, Alex! read this after I saw your later post. I had preterm contractions as well! I stayed at the hospital for a week and was on bed rest until my due date. I was 1cm dilated when we were discharged so my physician advised me to limit strenuous physical activities. Just be religious to your home instructions. Don't worry, everything will be worth it when the babies finally arrives!

    Curious Little Kat

    1. Hi Katrina,

      It's nice to finally talk to someone who experienced the same thing as I did. --- I am lurking in your blog right now and reading posts from 2 years ago to present! Haha!

      I did follow my home instructions religiously. I just had a check up last Saturday and Thank God my doctor allowed me a little bit of walking now, but I do have to stay away from stairs until I give birth.

      I am worried, but I do know it's going to be all worth it!

      Thank you so much for your comment!


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