Hello, I'm Back. AGAIN.

October 24, 2017

I could no longer count the times I had to say "hello i'm back" in this blog.  I've been in and out the blog-loop since I started this thing and every time, I find a reason to explain why I was gone.  May it be work, motherhood or what have you, I always had something else that kept me busy, thus the absence.  This time, I can't think of any --- or I probably just can't think of the appropriate words to use to describe what has transpired in my life for the past 9 months.  

I'm really not sure as to how I can share it without sounding like a whiny pathetic adult, but the first 6 months was really because of work. Work that literally did not just take my time, but also took all my happy mojo away.  I was stuck in a job I didn't like and got insulted professionally and personally in more ways than one. Almost a year into that job, I couldn't just take it anymore and left.  No, I wasn't acting all millennial-ish saying I deserved better and all that.  I was literally hired to be in this particular position, then when the big boss didn't feel like I should be in that post anymore, she demoted me and my salary too! --- mind you that's illegal! Labo diba? It's kind of hard to expain because it was kind of a special set up that just went kaput somewhere.  Get this, the company owner was my Aunt's personal friend, so you can just imagine how that went down.  

The job fiasco was more than 3 months ago.  For 3 whole months, I had nothing (except for my little girl, of course) and I had to rethink my whole life plan.  Deep, noh? By nothing, I meant I felt like I was going nowhere.  My birthday was fast approaching then, meaning that's another year older, but not wiser experience for me.  I was a soon-to-be-has-been in the corporate slavery world and I was jobless.

I tried applying to 6 jobs on Jobstreet and NO ONE CALLED ME --- that was a first time! Imagine how bad I felt that time.  During my early 20's - mid 20's job hunting was a breeze. I'd apply online to 3-5 jobs, and all those would call me for an interview, I'd get 3 offers out of 5 and you know the drill.  Now, there was nothing, nada.  I was lost.   I suddenly remembered my Mom telling me "hindi ka in demand habang buhay, pag tumanda ka, marerealize mo na iba na ang competition sa work force" and it's true.  You are not as in demand and as fresh as you were when you were fresh grad and just had some years of experience.  Sure, I have more experience and that should be an edge, but it could also be a hindrance since company's know you charge more. So, alam mo yun, sometimes being old and experienced could be a bad thing when job hunting.  More than that, if you're really lost emotionally and mentally, it's really hard to get a job or any other thing in your life for that matter.  Technically speaking, if you don't know yourself, you also tend not to know what you like --- AND I think that's where my problem lies.

After my birthday and 3 jobless months, i'm back to blogging... Have I got everything figured out? NO.  That's a loud and clear, NO.  I think that's probably why I am back here.  Blogging and reading blogs has always given me a wider perspective and look at things.  I guess I was thinking that if I make papansin here again, I'll get smart and wiser opinions on things OR maybe I just needed this as an outlet. 

So yeah, that's pretty much it.  Hello AGAIN guys, I'm back. <3

PS. Any suggestions for any new series I can do on the blog?

PPS. I am no longer jobless, just in case any of you is concerned, hihi.  I am back in the advertising and events world. Yes! Want to work with me? Click here!

PPPS. Another thing, support Mainline Clothing Co. will you? THANK YOU! Will be doing a giveaway soon! 

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