Going Gray Collab with Hey Berty!

December 18, 2018

After talks and plans of doing a collab, we finally did it!  My collab with Hey Berty! Where we attempt to turn his jet black hair into gray -- with less damage as possible!  Before we dive into what heppened in our 2-3 day hair journey, I just want to share how this collab made me feel.

I FELT OLD. HAHA! ~_~ It was so nice working with someone who you've seen grow up right before your eyes! And so, Hey Berty -- can I just say how proud I am of you?

Anyhoo, moving on...

I already did a post on how I bleach my hair, so I wouldn't go into details anymore.  But here's a photo to share what we used on this collab. 

And here's how it turned out on the first bleaching...

And here's a special participation of our little helper...


Anyway, to know what happened and to hear how much I babble in real life, watch the full video:


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