#SuJu Made Me Do It | My Super Junior ELF/Fangirl Story

March 18, 2020

It was mid-October 2019 (YES I AM A NEW ELF, THEY'VE BEEN IN THE INDUSTRY FOR 15 YEARS AND I JUST STARTED STANNING THEM -- HOW COULD I😭😭😭), sometime after my birthday when a good friend (an ELF and a Cloud) of mine shared on facebook that Super Clap dance practice video.  The video immediately caught my attention because, sometime in my dark abusive past, when K-Dramas were the only thing that saved my sanity, I went head over heels for Siwon in She Was Pretty.  
I have a thing for second leads soo... and hello CHOI SIWON!
I swear, that 3:30minute dance video opened a whole new world for me (*cue Kyuhyun&Charice's version)  That Choi Siwon in plain white shirt and jeans brought me to google and I started searching for anything with him in it.

At first, I could not believe that Kim Shin-hyuk was Siwon of Super Junior. I remember watching "Sorry, Sorry" on MYX when it was released and me saying "13? 13 sila? Ang OA sa dami" --- I mean, forgive me, I grew up listening to Backstreet Boys and NSYNC, so a 13 member group looked a little bit off to me.  So instead of focusing on him being in the group, I watched another drama of his -- Revolutionary Love.  That drama he was in with Kang Sora who was LeeTeuk's partner in We Got Married and you know --- haha! I won't dive in these details anymore. If you're an ELF, you know how that feels!

When I finished the drama, it just felt like it wasn't enough anymore and so I started accepting the fact that he was in that 13 member group -- Super Junior.  I started researching and got sucked in deeper and deeper.  Before I knew it, I had a whole playlist in Youtube (I freaking went premium so I could play it without interruptions) and I had already ordered a Time Slip Album in Siwon's version. 

Siwon being my bias lasted about a month until I came to know the Universe Star that is Kim HeeChul!  I have a thing for drummers -- I grew up listening to rock music in general, so a man that could play the drums (and bass guitar) well has my attention 100%.  I fell in love with HeeChul when I heard that clean & crisp double peds-drum break for Sorry, Sorry & Mr. Simple. 

What do you think? Don't we need more of long hair HeeChul on drums? 

Anyway, as I was getting sucked in to the black hole that is Super Junior, I manipulatively  influenced my bestfriend, Ferrai.  She is whipped for HYUKJAE! And because I kept sending her a lot of HyukJae/Eunhyuk related stuff, I came across a lot of EunHae photos/videos that naturally brought Lee Donghae to the front line.  Sometime mid November, I started focusing on Donghae and by the time tickets were released for Super Show 8, Donghae was my ultimate bias.

On the day of the ticket release, we decided to get Lower Box tickets, but just a few days after purchasing them --- few days meaning A LOT of EunHae videos & photos influencing us on ticket selection --- we decided to sell them and get VIP tickets.  Before the selling and purchase, we decided to watch a few videos of the past Super Show 8 concerts to check where EunHae will be staying the most.  After our research, we decided to buy Standing F tickets.  We were supposed to buy online again, but we saw a listing on Carousell and decided it was a better deal and I shared that story in my first vlog (7:00 minute mark)

Super Show 8 WAS A BLAST! Not only because it was Super Junior (well, that's enough reason as it is) but also because of the set up, the show flow, everything was just WOW! Me and Ferrai both working in the events and production industry made us appreciate every single small detail of the show from start to finish.  Here's an edited video of (almost) all the fancams we took:

We didn't film much because we just really wanted to enjoy the show.  Also,  the boys just being a few feet away from you --- it's so hard to take a decent video because you'd really just end up looking at their beautiful faces (and bodies.. ehem Leetuek - ehem Siwon - ehem Donghae) I KID YOU NOT, THEIR ABS ARE REAL! NOT PHOTOSHOPPED. REAL!

After Super Show 8, Ferrai and I thought that it was the end of all the wallet cardiac arrest caused by extreme fangirling.  Lo and behold, it only got worse from there.   We found out that Donghae had his own street wear clothing line, Tempus Studios.  He also had his own cafe, Haru&One Day.  We also found this instagram account (@camiwoon) that posts of all their outfits!

Both Ferrai and I weren't the type to buy posters or photocards.  It's probably because of our age? Or the fact that we have kids and it's going to be quite a challenge to shield that type of collection from them little monsters -- don't get us wrong we buy albums (and other SJ official merch) also to support the boys, but we were more on having the stuff/clothes/shoes they have --- ONLY THE ONES WE CAN AFFORD.  I mean hello, I cannot afford Shindong's Goyards, Donghae's Gucci or Leeteuk's Givenchy's and even if I could --- lugi sa 13 boys na mayayaman! Haha!

Anyway, when I started learning about the local Korean Streetwear brands they wore and finding out a way to order them, we started buying them bit by bit.  And that is when we made our official SuJu Scammer hashtag #SuJuMadeMeDoIt (It was from Chicosci's song The Devil Made Me Do It ) 

How and where we order, I will share on the vlog soon.  But I did share one already -- it's Part 1 of my Tempus haul and I will be uploading Part 2 sometime this week.

A lot of people ask me/us what we get from all this.  I remember my brother coming into my room (I was playing my SuJu playlist at the time) a few days ago saying "pinapakinggan mo talaga sila noh? ano nakukuha mo sa kanila? bakit bigla mo sila pinakinggan? ano nangyari? From Nirvana to Super Junior?"

Here's the thing - and a lot of people don't know this --- listening to Super Junior felt like LIBERATION for me. Some of you would probably say "ANG OA NAMAN." --- You see, I came from a really bad place (I did mention that at the start of this blog.)  Back then all my movements were checked, criticized and judged.  From the clothes I wear to the music I listen to. When I finally got out of that 6-7 year relationship, it still felt like I was still in that cage.  I was still very careful about what I show other people in the fear of being judged and criticized by my partner and it was still like that even after a year of being single.  It was a very tiring and frustrating time because even when I was no longer with him, it still felt like he was watching me and just waiting for me to make a mistake.

When Super Junior happened to me, I suddenly realized that 'HEY! I'm no longer with him! I could do anything I've always wanted now or STAN any group I wanted without being criticized!"

I could listen to Nirvana without him saying "ang ingay naman ng sounds mo baka kung ano sabihin ng pamilya ko," I can watch my brother and cousins's gigs without someone saying "Sino kausap mo? Lumalandi ka na naman?" and I could listen to ANY MUSIC I FREAKING LIKE without anyone telling me "tigilan mo nga yan ang baduy"

For me, it wasn't just about stanning them.  It was about them, helping me realize that I CAN DO THIS. I can re-construct and run my life and live it the way I'm supposed to. 

 ALSO, the best part of it all, me and my 4 year old bond over Super Junior!

And then, the millon dollar question people always ask...Is it magastos / expensinve being a fan girl? YES. I also tell them this --- Is it fun and fulfilling? HELL, YES!

At the end of the day, it's about setting your priorities.  If you can't afford it, don't OR work for it. That is why there is the term "iponing" (saving up) that they use.  Also, there are other (non-monetary) ways to support -- it's not all about us fan girls paying for expensive stuff.  Don't judge. And honestly, if it makes you/us, happy and as long as your fangirling doesn't affect or hurt anyone -- WHY NOT COCONUT! 

Wahh! It actually felt great sharing that! How about you? Are you a fan girl too? Share your story with me! What groups do you stan? I plan on listening to (more) EXO and Day6 next.  Any groups you's want to share with moi? Comment below! ❤ 

PS. Stay indoors everyone! COVID19 cases are going up and we're not really sure up until when this will disrupt our normal lives. Please be safe! 

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