March 17, 2014

I'll be trying out this new anti-acne regimen from @beautyfindsshop ❤️ 

I'm very excited to use this since my breakouts are worse than ever :( Hope this works for me!

************************** UPDATE ************************

It's been almost 3 weeks since i started using @beautyfindsshop's ZIT ESCAPE set.  I must say, for a brand that's just starting out and in competition with a lot of branded anti-pimple regimen, this is really effective! It amazingly worked for my face and back acne. YES, bacne :(

My facial pimples aren't really that bad.  I just have breakouts during the dreaded time of the month.  Most times, my face is normally clear, but lately I've had a crazy bacne breakout.  It was probably caused by the hot weather and stress eating (by stress eating, I mean lots of fast food and junk food) I've been doing the past few months.  When I saw this (and it's really cute and dainty packaging), I became very curious and tried it out. 

 A week after, tiny pimples in my cheeks and forehead area were gone!

Taken 2 days ago
Today, my face really is clearer!

Interested, but scared? I thought of the same thing the before trying it out, but the combination of products did not sting a bit for me.

Soap (I also use this for my whole body)
It has acne healing properties and Vitamin C.  It has that orange-ish smell and it doesn't dry up the skin.

After, I apply the anti-bacterial toner that thoroughly cleanses my face and prepares it for stuff that may cause pimples.

Facial Sunblock
Finally, 30 minutes before leaving the house, I apply this sunblock to protect my skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun.  What I love about it? It's gel-type! Just perfect for me since I am not a fan of face creams that leaves you that icky feeling after application.

Acne Drying Solution
After a long day outside, I wash my face with the soap, apply the toner and apply this acne drying solution to areas with acne.  I also use this for my bacne.

So, for those looking for the perfect anti-zit regimen, I suggest you check out Beauty Finds on facebook and instagram!


  1. I wanted to try out their products. do still use them?

    1. Yup! Not the sets though. :D They have this instant glow cream for the face and body and it really works. I'm still using it up to now. :D


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