First Time I Wore a Corset!

April 10, 2014

What I wore to the first day of I AM BOLD Apparel's first bazaar at Mercato Centrale, The Fort.

Corset - @cobonline
Plaid Polo - VANS
Light Wash Distressed Shorts - Old Levi's Momma Jeans / DIY Cutting, Distressing & Bleaching
I am not a fan of tight fit clothes, or as my calls it "No eat - No breathe Fashion".  The only reason why I purchased this black MTO corset from @cobonline was because I wanted to see the material used for the corset and basically how it was all sewn together.

Hours before the ingress of the bazaar, I was thinking of an ensemble that is both comfy, easy to move around with and ME.  I was planning to wear my favorite black camisole sando, but I think it was somewhere deep down my laundry basket during that day.  I decided to try on the black corset I bought and amazingly, I felt comfortable under it!

Wore it tucked in with highwaist shorts and a blue belt and I wore my favorite VANS sneakers with it!

I am now thinking of buying different colors of the corset! What color/s should I buy next? :)

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