NO. I don't think it's OK. This is Misinformation.

July 04, 2014

My Friday morning ritual consists of opening my laptop, launching my outlook email and then checking my facebook news feed as my inbox receives all the emails I'll have to read before the weekend starts.  I came across something that really caught my attention and commenting to it wasn't enough for me.  So, I decided to blog about it.

I am no big time or famous blogger, but every entry I do, I try to make sure I've researched all my facts.  If I'm not so sure, I try and put it in a manner that says I am not confirming the detail, but simply sharing or maybe even asking.

So, moving back to the reason for this entry:

I guess it's self explanatory why this caught my attention.

First, I don't see any statement from PNP saying that "IT IS OK" to have sex inside your car in QC. Remember, this is the law we are talking about.  As we heard in Suits -- "The law is a precise endeavor".  We can't just assume.  PNP only stated that it is NOT A PRIORITY. Meaning, it still is some kind of offense, specially when someone files a complaint, only they decided that there are much bigger crimes to focus on.  Also,  the article also stated that cops were trying to extort Php20,000 from a couple that was caught doing the deed in a parked car.  That's probably the reason why this news was out, not because IT IS NOW OK TO HAVE SEX IN YOUR CAR AS LONG AS YOU ARE IN QC.

As bloggers, I believe that we should also take in the responsibility of writing something that is honest and true.  We can't just put out information and mislead readers.  There are 16-18 year old kids out there reading blogs like this.  Let's not make them think it is OK, because it's not. Let's not use headlines that would just attract traffic, but the content is just full of BS.

The world wide web is already full of indecent stuff as it is, let's not make it worse.

PS. These are just MY thoughts.  Click the photo and see for yourself.

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