United Football League Youth Division Championships

July 02, 2014

Last Sunday, July 29, I had lunch with the boyfriend's family for Uncle Fer's birthday and 40 days.  It was a small gathering with GREAT food.  How did I dress? Of course, I wasn't my usual rugged self :P

After the lunch, the boyfriend asked me to join them at the Emperador Football Stadium to watch his cousin's championship game.  So... yeah, I didn't dress right for the occasion :P But nevertheless, I went with them because I was excited to watch a live soccer game for the first time.  :)

I wore a sheer royal blue chifffon polo from SURPLUS Shop, Blue Jeans and Black Flats from the SM Department Store.

I used to watch my uncle and brother's soccer training, but never the actual game.  This game is intense! Even more intense than basketball!  The campionship game was between the Aguila Football Club (BJ's - the BF's cousin - team) and Meralco Loyola Football Club.

The BF's family was on full support, BJ being the Team Captain! :)

The look on everybody's faces after Aguila FC's first goal!

I enjoyed the game more because of these food trucks parked outside the stadium. :) I always wanted a food truck business for me and my brother.  Then, I'd act like Anna Kendrick on "What to expect when you're expecting" -- HAHAHA! Ok sorry. Anyway...

Everybody was even more intense during the second half.  BJ's team was on the lead at 1-0. with 4-5 minutes on the clock, Aguila FC made another goal.  At 2-0 they just played great defense with the time left.  At the end of the game, Aguila Football Club was announced the champions of the UFL Youth Division (Under 15). :)

Congratulations BJ and to the whole Aguila Football Club for bagging awards from all age groups!

During the awarding with the boyfriend

After the Awarding
Congratulations, BJ!

Photos from Star Cordero :)

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