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July 07, 2014

After months of not touching my hair, I was able to get the natural texture of my hair back.  The downside is that my hair has about 2-3 shades of color which I did not intentionally put in there.  I have semi-blonde streaks, that fading blonde color when your hair comes from a red dye and dark brown which is my natural hair color.
My hairventure!

So, I've decided to dye my hair a shade closer to my real hair color.  I tried out Etude House' Bubble Hair Coloringn- Dark Brown.  This dye is for people who are lazy with mixing and and hates the smell and feel of amonia. :)
The whole package costs aroung Php370 ++
The application is just like putting shampoo on your hair, thus the name Bubble Hair Coloring.  The box contains the pump dispenser which contains the bubbly solution, the hair color in an easy tear pack,  after hair coloring treatment, plastic gloves and plastic cover (to put on your shoulders -- I'm not sure what it's called :P)

Since the solution is amonia free, i had the bubbles stay on my hair for about two hours.  I started with the tips and every 15 minutes adding more up until I reached my roots.

And the outcome...
Better hair color for me!
I loved the results! It's been 2 weeks since I colored my hair and the color it's still intact.  I am definitely recommending this brand!  BUT, don't get too excited yet! I do recommend it because of the great color quality, however, it's been 2 weeks and my hair hasn't been back to it's naturally smooth state :(  And so I have once again started my Virgin Coconut Oil Hair Treatment.  So if you are going to use this on your hair, make sure you're very patient with the after hair treatment.

Have you guys tried this brand before? What were your after hair treatments? Share 'em!

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