A Weekend of Everything That Flies

February 16, 2015

I got to witness this year's Hot Air Balloon Festival and I must say that it was quite an experience! A weekend of everything that flies is indeed refreshing!

The 4-day event was held at Clark Field, Pampanga and was attended by more or less 10,000 individuals and families.  I was there to witness the event for one day ---- and it was Valentine's!

Apart from hot air balloons, kites and parachutes, I learned that the yearly event was also geared towards promoting tourism in the Philippines and also as an interactive event for pilots and young pilots in the making to make them more efficient and safe aviators in the future.

(c) Dodge Carpio
(c) Dodge Carpio

The boyfriend, brother and I left Manila at 7:00 AM and we arrived at Clark, Pampanga around 10:00 AM.  We've already missed out on the first batch of hot air balloons that day, luckily my other brother was there earlier to take pictures!

(c) Dodge Carpio
(c) Dodge Carpio
When we got there, the eager boyfriend and I watched the car drifting exhibition.  Honestly, I have no idea how it was part of a "weekend of everything that flies" but it was fun to watch! Except for the after smell of burnt rubber.

During the lull time, we were walking around the vast venue realizing that we weren't prepared at all. Everyone had their own picnic mats and tents and all we had were our cellphones, cash & cigarettes. Talk about being a girl scout :/ But after minutes of scanning the area, we found the perfect spot to sit on, take pictures & fly a kite!

(c) Ren Bedano
(c) Ren Bedano

 Well, the kite was too high and I couldn't get my brother and the flying kite in one picture. :P

To cap off a hot weather with too much happening is a perfect tiger blood and blueberry snowcone!

As for my OOTD, which I think was so wrong because I ended up looking like I just came from a sandstorm:

Buttondown: Coco Republic

Black Pants: Bench

Shoes: New Balance

Clear Clutch: Panoplia

Well, I learned a few things with my trip to Clark. First is that there is a very strict speed limit in SCTEX.  Second, if you really want to enjoy the hot air balloons, you have to be there at 5:00 AM! Third, our country can actually make a mark in the aviation industry.  We just need to recognize and support it. :)

Were you there too? Come and share your experience with me!


  1. Oooooh I was supposed to go to that but I had prior engagements :( I loved the photos you took though! Makes me feel like I was really there haha.


  2. I nominated you for the Liebster Award!


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