Real Talk: Everything in B&W Shirt Collection

February 07, 2015

I finally had the time to finalize and release the shirt collection! I know this is just half of it because I still have to finalize the women's collection -_- However, I would like to look at the brighter side --- I finally had the time to do what I love despite the toxic day job!
This collection is very close to my heart as this was personally designed by my dear brother & freelance artist, Dodge Carpio.

The shirt designs are composed of real life mantras which most of us live by each day.  Hence, the collection name: Real Talk: Everything in Black & White.  

This collection is I AM BOLD Apparel's way of saying that life need not be complicated.  Knowing what you live for and knowing what you believe in makes you bold and unique in your own way.

Starting of with a mantra/motto for the young, wild and free (aka. the kids generation)

A shirt for those who wants to push it a bit more to reach their life goal.

And a dedicated shirt to real men.

We've officially released the shirt collection online, particularly in IAB's Facebook and Instagram page.

Go check 'em out to get first dibs!


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