[LATE POST] 11:11 Music Festival

March 05, 2015

The boyfriend invited me to a random event a few days back to support his sister's new food business, Mearii's Chef & Pastry, which had a booth there.  I brought along my sister with me and went to the event expecting that it was just going to be some food fest event.

Turns out, the event was the yearly big event organized by the DLSU Economics Org.  Last year, I went to their bazaar x banchetto event in The Fort and for this year, it was a big music festival held at The Greenfield District, 11:11 Music Festival.

Arrived at the venue with the sister and the boyfriend at around 8:00 - 9:00 PM.  For a music festival, sadly, I think the crowd wasn't enough.  The venue was so big that it swallowed what little crowd there was, but the artist line up was great!

I finally got to watch Franco live! I know that's pathetic that it's just now, but I never really had the time and this was really a surprise and I loved it!  Franco just doesn't play and perform his age. He is as flawless as he ever will be on stage.

After Franco's set, we tried out this Bacon Bar because the name was so enticing and who isn't in love with bacon, right? Turns out it was just honey cured bacon on stick -_-  It was quite disappointing, but it's still bacon.

After the long wait and dead air, it was finally Urbandub's set.  It was quite obvious that most of the kids were actually looking forward to them.  Although, I THINK (again, I THINK, MY OWN OPINION) that Urbandub expected a larger crowd.

The sister and I
Last set I was able to watch was Curse & Bless.  It was my first time to see them live or actually hear of them.  I must say, I am no hardcore fan of EDM, but they were really fun and entertaining to watch! So much more fun because of their graphics.

It was during their set when the countdown for 11:11 started.  I think that was a good call by the organizers since they really carried the crowd well and I am actually looking forward to seeing more of Curse & Bless, live.

Looking at how the students/organizers acted during the latter part of the event, I guess the event was a success for them or maybe it was relief?  The event could have been A LOT better. I mean, with their resources, venue, sponsors and artists, I think they could have had a larger crowd turn out.

All in all, the idea and concept of the event was really awesome. I hope they do this again next year, with a bigger crowd!

PS. NO HATE PLEASE. This is just me speaking from and Events Person Point Of View. Peace! 


  1. Nossa que bacana!

    Adorei *-*


    Isabella | http://isabellalessa.com

  2. looks like you was have a good fun there.

    I like music festival too.
    But to bad never attend one because I have no friend that interested with it here :(.



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