Baby Shower & Ren's Birthday

September 15, 2015

The baby shower took place last September 12 at Ren's house, together with his birthday celebration.  
I couldn't do so much physical activity that is why we decided on this.  Luckily, some of my friends agreed and helped out.

As I have mentioned in my past post, Ren and I agreed to have the nautical theme for Avery and so we did! Starting with the baby shower!

Our very cute souvenirs from GenesiaMariz <3 Polymer Clay Ref Magnets (I know! they look yummy, but they're not edible. Hihi!) All the visitors loved them that they didn't wait for it to be distributed. They just got one as soon as they saw it! Haha!
Most of my friends weren't able to make it though :( Most were either sick because of the weather change, others had school or work and for some, they just got back from a far away town or another country and needed to rest.  Nevertheless, the day went well and fun with the loved ones who showed up!

I didn't take much pictures of the whole celebration because by 6:00 PM the whole house was swarming with guests and taking a photo wasn't priority anymore. :)

The whole day was tiring, but very fun, especially for me.  I haven't been out to see friends for more than 2 months now and it was such a refreshing moment to see old-new faces again!

Thank you for all the gifts Titos, Titas, Future Ninongs & Ninangs!

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