2016 Goals

January 20, 2016

More than halfway done with the first month of the year and I still haven't decided on my goals for this year.  Not only do I not have the time, (I barely get to update this blog with everything on my plate these days) but also because I didn't even get to do my list last year!

All my goals and everything on my bucket list 2015 changed when I found out I was pregnant last February 2015.  My promise not to dwell on negative things was so impossible because I was horribly emotional during my pregnancy.  I was on a medical leave most of my pregnancy because I was so maselan, so dancing again was most definitely out of the picture.  As I said, my pregnancy was a very complicated one so travelling and exploring local beaches was a no-no.  I also did not put so much make up the whole 2015 because I get irritated by the smell of foundations and make up removers.  I also did not shop for the basics because I had to shop for maternity clothes! Well, I did do some serious saving, but that was intended for giving birth.

So basically, I didn't do anything in last year's list and that got me thinking if I should still make one this year... My answer is a Yes.  It's not a list though.  I just want to promise myself one thing this year.  That is to be the best parent I can be for Avery.

It is just one thing, but from the moment I laid eyes on Avery, I knew trying to be the best parent I can be would be the journey I'd take for rest of my life.

Being a parent really does change everything.  Just caring for my daughter has taught and changed me a lot.  Right now, I couldn't ask for anything else.  As I said, I just want to be a good parent.. and maybe save some more. :D

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  1. Don't worry, I haven't set any goals/plans this year yet either. Let's just see where 2016 takes us! Your baby is soooooo cute!!! <3



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